CSA has wrecked mine and my daughter’s life

August 23, 2010

I started having trouble with the CSA two years ago when my teenage daughter decided to go and live with her father. I had supported her for years not asking for much help from him and never going to the CSA.

As soon as she moved in with him he contacted them.

When I first heard from them I had arrears of nearly £2000 which they proceeded to take directly off my wage at the rate of £300 a month, I only earnt £750 a month at the time and was uneligable to claim any other benefits.

I called them to ask if they could reduce my payments as I could not afford my £300 a month council rent or council tax, their reply – ‘tough this payment comes before any other outgoing’ I spoke to citizans advice who were useless and unable to help. I could not afford my rent and after much begging and struggling with the council and CSA got absolutely nowhere. The irony is my daughter moved back in with me in March of this year after taking an overdose from the stress of living with her father and we are now homeless. I received an eviction order from the council for rent arrears of £1500 of which I was unable to clear by the eviction date. I moved out of the house and handed in the keys two weeks ago. I am currently sleeping on my sisters sofa and my daughter is living at her grandmas.

I would just like to say a big thank you to the CSA for ruining mine and my daughters life through taking payments from me to go to her. The funniest thing is when she moved in with me I started a claim with her father who is self employed. You guessed it he is avoiding paying by fiddling his books. Having just sold a house for £140,000 I suppose he has made sure the money is in someone elses name so the CSA can’t touch it.


  • Brokenfather says:

    It is not possible to have arrears when they first contact you because your liability only accrues from they date that they first make contact.

    Why do you think that the home sale proceeds should be assessable for Child Maintenance?

  • Karl Garrett says:

    Homeless NRP… that sounds familiar… 🙁 – CSA should be blown up!.

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