CSA has turned me off work forever

July 21, 2010

I am the supposed father of a 7 yr old girl. There is no physical or written evidence to proove either way.

I’m currently looking st a £3,600 pound debt. I’m unemployed and spent 7 months of last year abroad. I informed the csa i was leaving the country in jan. I had a phone call jan 26 2009 saying account closed, only to find out 7 months later they were still billing me.

Yet here’s the bit im still arguing to date, how does £2,400 in jan 20009 jump to £3,600 at 15 pound a week ? csa have ruined my life and turned me off work forever. I pay £5 pound a week on jsa yet if i go back to work i get to live off 90 pound a week because that’s what the csa reckons i can live off.


  • brokenfather says:

    You must get a DNA test via the CSA.

    You could be paying for a child that isn’t yours ……

  • Emma Louise Walton says:

    if you are only the supposed father of the child, once you start paying child maintenance for all purposes that is an admittance to being the child's father according to the CSA.. If you are not the father of the child then you should should find a solicitor who does legal aid work and apply through the courts to have a DNA test done. If the results come back in your favor then the CSA will leave you alone. If you are the father of the child then as long as you can prove periods of unemployment then they cannot take money from you. You will need to send them proof of this. Your best bet as far as work goes is to become self-employed that way they cannot prove how much you earn.

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