CSA has me worried for my children

June 19, 2015

I left my ex wife back in 1997 and divorced her in 98.i used to pick my kids up every wkend untill one wk i went and she had moved i aint seen my kids since 14yrs.

The csa has only recently got in touch and told me i have to pay £45 per week i am myself a single parent with two sons from another relationship my boys are 7 and 13 i have explained to csa i only work part time and earn just £97 per wk and i get working tax and child tax as well but they have taken these into account.

I have told them that this will put me in financial difficulties and my kids welfare at risk i could also lose our home but they aint interested they want their 20%regardless plus they said i will prob have arrears to pay.i started my job in april this yr and its taken till now to set up the acc but they said i will have to pay from april which i think is wrong,i cant get solicitor becouse there aint any legal aid nobody can help im worried for my kids.