CSA has me paying twice

October 5, 2010

I split from my ex partner in 1991 as i found out she had been messing around for months, solicitor advised i do a clean break and sign the house over to her as she didnt want maintanance she wanted the house, so i did that and she also wanted 2/3 of what was in the bank and a car, so she gets 12k cash, i bought her a 2k car and signed the house over to her, all done through solicitors which he said had to go to the court to be agreed and rubber stamped which it was.

1999-2000 ish i get letters from the csa saying i owe arrears and monthly payments etc ! they will not take the house into account or the 12k or the car whatsoever, they were taking £150 a week out of my wages of £380 for about 6-8 months then i went self employed till 2 years ago so nothing was paid during that time, within 6 months of going paye again i get the 1st letter saying from nect week we are taking 40% of your net wages! which they have done for 18 months or so till i was made redundant just before xmas 2009, 2 weeks after i was out of work more letters saying i had stopped paying and needed to still pay £200 a week even though i was unemployed, so they said either keep paying or we will escalate the matter which they did by taking me to court 18th this month to get the debt recconised (£27100) as it was 19 year since child was born, day after i get a letter saying debt recconised i owe £27100 either start paying NOW or we will start proceedings to use bailiffs to empty the house and remove car etc also take my licence off me and then prison!

I’m still unemployed i have no savings whatsoever the house i live in is rented by my new partner that i moved in here less than a year ago so she isnt happy as you can imagine that baliffs coming to her door to remove items that belong to her, only thing i own in the house is a tv and my motorbike i used to get to work on.

To this day they will not take the house into consideration even tho it is valued at £175k was £45k when i signed it over to her!

I lived in the middle of nowhere no public transport for over 4 miles away if my licence or bike go then i carnt work as i have tried explaining on the phone to them to no avail whatsoever aprt from well this is your fault you should of paid years ago ! also told that as i am not employed atm the courts wont think twice about taking your licence off you as you dont work so dont need it and the same for prison you arnt working so no loss if you go to prison!

I’m 52 years old owe them what they say is £27k which would take a lifetime to pay as they say i have an allowance of £152 a week which is my rent and job seekers allowance of £60 ish ! so i work and they allow me what some1 gets who isnt working ! and they take the rest ! because its arrears they say 40% but when i had a few days off when i wasnt working last year and there was not enough for them to take all they did the following week was added last weeks which left me with £62 !! they reckon they can do that so take way more than 40% absolutely shocking, i’ve been to see my solicitor but they say unfortunately the csa are a law unto themselves and theres nothing that can be done for me through the courts ! even the solicitor says its absolutely shocking what the csa can do and get away with…..

any advice would be great but i feel iv tried all routes and just keep hitting brick walls…


  • Peter Anderson says:

    This has be dealt with by the courts. If they have a DEO against you then you apply to your local magistrates court for the DEO to be set aside. The CSA must prove in court that all their figures are correct otherwise the court must set the DEO aside. The same applies if they apply to the court to take your driving licence etc. If the magistrates doesn't do this, then you have to make an immediate application for a Judicial Review in the High Court and they will immediately set it aside. Unfortunately this doesn't stop the CSA threatening and harrassing you and the only way to deal with that is to threaten them back. In the meantime get to your MP especially if it's one of the new conservative ones. The whole currupt divorce process in this Country where fathers have to hand over all the assets to their ex and are then denied any contact with their children, and then persecuted by the CSA which was set up sepecifically to deprive fathers and their children of their income. Both the problems are a legacy from Maragret Thatcher so hit your MP now!

  • Darren Vickers says:

    The good old CSA. Another form of taxation but has to be the most unjust system i have ever heard off. I have lost 1 house already and have now just been told they want £750 per month. That leaves me with £1000 with a mortgage of £740 and council tax of £140 and another loan secured against the mortgage of £160 how am i supposed to feed my 2 children and support my family. I have spoken to them and they have told me that its not their problem but i must support my 2 absent children first. What is the point of carrying on as i am just about to lose everything again and i cant take it anymore.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    The courts CAN NOT overturn a D.E.O. they do NOT have the power been there done that 🙁

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