CSA has made up arrears I do not owe

June 21, 2011

I lost contact with two daughters about a year ago. It all happened the same time as having a new child being made bankcrupt and having to leave my home.

The last two happened because of bad decisions by myself, the first was out of my hands.

I looked after my first two daughters well when I had them as my business was successful and i worked contracts in London I still had a few days home to take them out and enjoy their company.

In 2006 and 2008 I gave their mother motor cars instead of money as it would help her out, the first with a business she was starting. The second as a threat to loose access to them. This considering one daughter was actually 18 so should be making that decision herself.

Since the loss of my business home and everything else, their mother decided to pursue me through the CSA………..I thought like the other 60 odd million in the UK the CSA was supposed to chase absent fathers for money. Not caring fathers who where down on their luck and could no longer give lovely holidays days out and shopping trips!!!

I now live in a rented house with my partner and gorgeous 3 year old. We recieve tax credits housing benefits and just started our own small market business to try and get on. So the good old CSA assest me in March and decided I should pay £28 per week and arrears of £8000 pound. their calculation per month being a tad more than I actually earn and only £70 a month less than joint income.

Considering their work caused the break up of my relationship with my daughter by demanding proof of how and when she stayed with me after her mother discovered that if my daughter stayed with me on a regular basis the CSA consider this an influence on her claim.

Can anyone please let me know what planet they are from and when they landed. More importantley when are they going back


  • John says:

    Write and complain to the CSA for them allowing the arrears to build up in the first instance. Then involve the Independent case Examiners office. then go see your M.P. and finally do us all a favour and write to Cameron.

    This system is a shambles. It is attempting to criminalise decent people who have all ready paid into the system, and are being asked to pay again so the treasury can give your CSA payments to M.P.’s and Bankers!

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