CSA has made me stop seeing my son

October 27, 2011

I used to see my son at least once every month due to the fact that i leave 200 miles away (moved back to my family after separation)i would book a hotel every month when i go to see my son coz otherwise we would be spending too much on fuel and running up my cars mileage if i was to drive back and forth to pick him up and drop him off.

Then my ex got the CSA involved and they started taking 15% off my salary. This made it impossible to see my son as the money i used to save up to see him was now being taken away by the CSA. I applied for a variation with the CSA to allow me to keep in touch with my son but this was not successful.

Now i don’t see my son any more only speak to him on the phone and every time he asks when I’m going to pick him up and i don’t know what to say to him.


  • Bob says:

    sign up to dadtalk.co.uk

    they might help

  • Karl Garrett says:

    I’m in exactly the same boat…..the PWC’s don’t care, the CSA couldn’t give a sh*, and we get moaned at for “make a harder effort”, which is impossible with travel costs these days…why don’t any of them see this?

    The only ones to lose out are the kids..

  • wez says:

    hi my wife left her ex, due to alot of s**t from him, my wife had resendancy of her son, soon as he found out we had a RELATIONSHIP he told my wifes son that he lives with him now, bit strange i know, so he never came home so my wife called the police and social services, after 1yr going through courts trying to see her son, the judge and social workers have closed the case, (wankers) now my wife never sees her son her ex has told the boy if he sees him near his mum he is going to chop his fingers off, and then we get a letter from csa demanding £30 a week, yet my wife carnt see her son and to top it all off we live in the same village, where do we get help from this courts and social are fucking useless, all my wife wants is to spend time with her son, please help of where to go!!!

  • Mick says:

    The only advice i can offer you is if you want to be in your sons life, you need to move back closer to where he is. I am mindful of the reasons why you moved so far away but it was you that chose to move 200 miles away, not the PWC, and thats how the CSA will see it. I like you am also a NRP and i chose to move 50 miles away from my daughter. But it doesnt cost me anything to go see my daugher if i wish it thanks to a free travel facility i have with the company i work for. If the PWC had been the one to move so far away you would most likely have got a variation in your maintenence to allow for this, but they are not going to do so when it was you that chose to move away. In the CSA eyes, you made a lifestyle choice. So why should your child have to live on less because of this. This isnt my opinion ok. Its just the way the system is. As far as the CSA are concerned, your son comes first, thats what they will tell you.

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