CSA has lost my documents after insisting I sent the originals

October 9, 2011

I have been seperated from my ex partner for nearly 5 years. I was paying her a fixed sum of £200 pcm agreed between ourselves. I always had her sign a reciept so if ever I needed to I could prove I had been paying. When my ex decided to get nasty by removing my contact and demanding more money from me I told her to go through the CSA as I knew I was paying her more than they would ask me to as I earn a low wage. She contacted them and they were on the phone to me the day after. I explained that payments had been made and were up to date and could prove this with copies of the reciepts.

I explained that sending copies would be my preffered method as I was unsure wether the originals would ever be sent back. They of course wanted the originals so I sent them. 4 weeks went past and I had not heard a thing from them so called them myself to be told that they had recieved nothing or it had been lost and that they would be backdating wht I owed.

I explained that I had sent them the original copies of reciepts and still had copies and could send those if neccessary. They declined saying only originals could be used. They were most unhelpful


  • Footprint says:

    Payments prior to getting involved with the CSA are not relevent so dont worry about that aspect of the case. If you talking about payments after involvement of the CSA try the CSA data protection unit. If you request a copy of your file they should be in there.

  • John says:

    This is definitely a case for a mega complainr. I hope that you have kept copies of the originals.

    I would consider going to the police a reporting the original documents as stolen, and not lost.

    Wtite to CSA complaints and tell them that you have reported the documents as stolen. Write to the Independent case Examiners office, and go to your M.P.

    Cease any contact by phone and get everything in writing,as they are obviously trying to screw you for every penny, as they usually do with all their victims!

  • karen bedford says:

    A lot of johns advice I agree with, you are due a special payment – compensation – you wont get a lot but its better than nothing.

    You need to keep copies of everything.

    This happened to me – they lost my paperwork too – sent recorded delivery!

    If you send anything to them, send it recorded or special del.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Formal complaint.
    The CSA, by loosing your original documents are in breach of the Data Protection Act.
    Make complaint.
    Go to media, then your MP.
    This should ensure your MP does something.

  • Antony says:

    With the CSA… my battle of almost five years now has shown me (1) ALWAYS keep copies of everything you send them (2) NEVER agree or talk to them by phone or believe they are trying to help you – THEY ARE YOUR ENEMY (3) ALWAYS send COPIES NOT ORIGINALS – by law, you can make copies originals by writing on the front ‘I certify these are true copies of the original’, date it and sign it (4) go straight to your MP to put complaints to the Parliamentary Ombudsman… they are really helpful… Don’t bother with I.C.E. they are a waste of time and just believe everything the CSA [email protected] tell them.

    My ex wife enjoyed £230 a week from me for almost 5 years plus the mortgage paid. She moved a homeless window cleaner into the ex matrimonial home, shacked up with him, abandoned the house and almost got it repossessed – I had to pay nearly a year’s mortgage to save it – then she got 65% of the proceeds of the sale – I wasn’t reminbursed the rescue money I’d paid – then she got married to the window cleaner and moved into a psh big house… what did she do?? She told the CSA I hadn’t paid her a penny and abandoned her and the kids, and they backdated an sassessment for almost £16,500 – now they are chasing me for £24,000. DESPITE being able to show and prove she was getting all that help and cash (and claiming the social security not declaring my financial support to them), despite my proving there was almost £36,500 paid to hjer by me – the CSA just don’t want to know and they have tried sezing amy house I inherrited, tried to seize my car, and have taken out a liability order and charging order on my Mum’s estate where I have a small amount of cash to come from when its completed… the reason the CSA won’t listen, is because my mentally derranged, vindictive, bitter ex wife told them all the cash and support I’d given her, was ‘A GIFT’, and she hadn’t ‘benefitted personally’ from any of the money!!! and there is nothing I can do about this, because they take whatever the bitch ex wife says to be gospel truth. ICE didn’t want to know, so I’m hopoing the Parliamentary Ombudsman who has more clout, will sort something out…. Oh and what a surprise… the CSA lost my paperwork literally on the eve of the Tribunal hearing I went to. They are literally the scum from the bottom of the barrel. It is supposed to be child support, not ex-wife support.

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