CSA has let my children down

May 4, 2012

The csa have failed our family allowing my ex to pay nothing for years! My Kid have never had a holiday and can not have the thing other kids have! There dad has 4 Businesses and has not provided any prove of earning at all over the last 6 years. When the amount gets too around the £4000 pound mark the CSA MAKE A CALL ON HIM! If they have managed to find him. They have managed a few hundreds pounds. But they he will tell them he has not worked and they take he’s word for it! I am then sent a payment plan to pay my ex husband back.

At the moment he owes around £4000 and that is from the years of not paying his £40 a week he was told to pay for 2 children. I did receive payment of £15 a month at one stage for around 6 months. Ever bank statement I saw I wanted to cry as £15 goes no where towards keeping a dog! Let alone 2 children.

Both children found the separation and the divorce hard and my eldest became violent just like his father. He and his brother have been rejected by their Dad totally. He sent a text saying he wanted a dna test to see if our youngest child is his! I wish the poor child did have another Dad as my son craves still for the Dad that left when he was 3 years old. He is not 9 and still talks fondly about his Dad, the tears still fall at night though when he is missing him.

The CSA HAVE LET MY CHILDREN DOWN! AS I have had to work 6 days a week and I have hardly had time for them because of this! At one time I was studying on a full time uni course to help me get a better job, I was working full time teaching in an inclusion school as well as studying to be a youth worker and undergoing training. To this day I really do not know how I managed money wise and emotionally due to the emotional demands of the children.

For the past year since loosing my full time job I have been doing a 20 hour post for a charity it only pays 10k so I started my own business renting a beauty room but the rent I had to find some months and It has left me in dept. I never saw the children as I was working 6 days a week and most nights. I am not getting fined and penalties from the inland revenuer as I tried to do my on line assessment my self. Now the student loan company are asking for their money too! All I wanted to do it provide my children with the type of things that others have I wanted a day out with them and to see them happy as I haven’t truly seen them happy for years.

How can a man get away with walking away from his own children and not even be made to pay and provide for their up keep! I know what he is able to run up massive depts. Just as other men have done. But when the csa catch up with him they work the payment plan and the late payment that they owe.. No thought for the poor parent who hasn’t had a live due to providing and caring for the children and most of all the poor children who’s lives are massively effected through struggling and seeing their mum doing all she can but failing.


  • karen bedford says:

    Unfortunately quite easily where the CSA is concerned. My ex made it clear to me that he wouldnt pay for our two children when I left him and he that was one thing he didnt lie about! He paid dribs and drabs where he wanted – it as like a game to him – he could afford to pay but decided to go off have more kids by dif. woman – none of whom he lives with – he now has a girlfriend who has 6 kids by 2 dif men! I think men like this, who decide not to pay for their children or not pay what they can or should, should not be allowed to have more children, they should support the children they have already. Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and other groups for advice and support.

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