CSA has left me hungry

January 4, 2015

I had a son with my first wife in 1992 we divorced in 1994 i have been paying for my son eversince.

When i met someone new a few years later the csa got involved and wanted more money than i could afford (more than i was paying to my sons mother) she earned alot more money than myself but wanted nearly half of my income i refused.

This is when csa got involved . to cut a long story short i changed jobs alot in the next 7 years until the csa caught up with me and slapped a bill of 46000 pounds on me for the arrears i supposedly owed.

I tried to explain that i have never earned a high wage but it went on deaf ears i now have a massive iva thanks to the csa making me borrow so much money it financially crippled me now because of this i am getting divorced from my second wife and still have a huge debt to the csa who will not lower it or change it even now i am working part time and earning less than half my usual wage.

They still want full payment from me the csa london office will not even consider lowering my payments .i am part time time because of illness.

Thankyou for listening i am not serking my responsability as some of you may think i am just trying to survive i have been hungry now for 2 weeks because i cant afford to eat my self so my daughter and my estranged wife can eat .great situation to be in isnt it.