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CSA has just made up a sum

My exwife left me when my daughter was 9 months old ,with the next door neighbour ,recently found out shed been seeing him for a couple of years.

She is now 14 i have two sons one 24 from the age of 16 i have supported him staying with my mother my other son is 20 he lives with me now with my partner i also looked after him since he was 14

CSA are putting a liability order on me for 6k i have been paying most of the time however i had no contact with c.s.a for 3 years historic and they just made a sum up 3k. Advice?

2 thoughts on “CSA has just made up a sum

  1. Ask the CSA for an account breakdown and request they provide you with your file from the data protection unit so you can investigate any errors or omissions.
    They are not allowed to make up any sums they must have some calculations if you have provided all the information they requested.
    If you do not provide information they can use interim assessments or default maintenance decisions all of which can be rectified at a later date if the correct information is supplied.

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