CSA has just fobbed me off since I started my case with them

March 4, 2013

I applied to the CSA in October 2011 for my daughter who is now 8 and I left her father when she was 10months as he was abusive phyically and emotionaly.
I didn’t claim untill now as I could provide for my daughter and she hasn’t gone without but then I thought to myself why should he be allowed to get away without supporting his daughter.

The CSA done the usual of putting an agreement in place of £30 per week whilst they got the information they needed and located my ex. A year went past then I recieved a call in november 2012 saying that they had found my ex and made an initial assessment of the amount that he has to pay as they had found his employer etc.

Ever since this I have had nothing but hassle and been fobbed off and told so many different things. I was told that they had done an attachment of earnings order on my ex’s wages. The first payment was due to be taken on 25th January 2013. I called the CSA at the beginning of february for an update to be told that my ex hadn’t earned enough to make the payment of what he owed. Was told that the CSA had contacted his employer for a copy of his wage slip to prove this fact. Now its the 25th Feb and they’re still waiting for this proof to be sent to them. When I first called I was told they had untill the 19th to pay the money and provide a copy of the wage slip.

When I called today the 25/2/13 not only had the CSA not bothered to chase my ex’s employer for the information needed but they have also moved my case from plymouth to falkirk and didnt inform me of this. When I spoke to the Falkirk office today after being transfered over, I was told that the Falkirk office have had my case for over a week but hadn’t bothered to look at it and had no idea of what was happening with my case.I asked why the CSA are allowing my ex’s employer to mess them around as I am under the impression that if they don’t comply they can be punished/fined, yet the CSA are happy to be strung along by my ex and his employer!My ex told them he would contact me and make a private arrangement which is a bit hard as he has none of my contact details. I was told today that they would again request the information from my ex’s employer and that the employer had a week to respond.

I just feel like I’m being fobbed off and am being sent around in circles and being told the same information every 2 weeks when I call!! I have just about had enough.

I swear they do this so that people close the cases and give up! Well I’m going to keep fighting for my what my daughter is owed!


  • wilf says:

    You waited over 6 years to make a claim and get tetchy because the CSA has not followed up a delayed payment or provision of proof within 6 days.

  • Emma says:

    To the men that have commented on here, you have no right to slag me off and call me names…You don’t know me or the full circumstances…I’m not interested in the money for me, as I have said the money is for my daughter and that poor excuse for a man has done nothing to help her! I have every right to claim on her behalf!
    @Duncan Smith, Im not another skank woman! Give me one good reason why my ex should ignore his responsibilties as a father???? He was a very abusive person and I have the scars to prove it. I don’t have to justify myself to someone like you! If you don’t have anything helpful to say then don’t say anything at all!
    @Peter Brown I am not a leach, my daughter is owed that money. I know full well my ex is earning £500 a week and is doing everything he can to get out of paying! (his own mother told me) Just like he has done since the day my daughter was born! Im not doing it for revenge at all, I am doing it for my daughter! She still asks me why her ‘dad’ won’t come and see her even though ive given him every opertunity and even drove the 100 miles to his parents so he could see her and he still found an excuse not too!
    @Wilf this has been going on for over a year and everytime i call the CSA im told one excuse after another.
    You all have no right, slagging and attaking women for doing right by their child whilst the poor excuse of a ‘father’ makes every excuse to get out of helping to support the child they helped to create!

    @Melanie thank you for the support.

  • Alice says:

    if deo is in place the employer has until the 19th of the following month to send any deductions taken to the csa – there is a protected earnings rate of 60% of the NRP’s net wages which they must be allowed to take home, if the nrp earns below that the employer cannot, by law, take any deductions from that wage – they will be asked to re-coup any shortfall in the deductions when the nrp earns enough.

    If there is a shortfall and the employer informs the agency of this it is not usually necessary to have them confirm it by way of a wage slip. If this is requested the employer has a week to 10 days to send this into the agency, if they don’t the agency will issue a warning letter and they will have a week to respond. Unfortunately the agency has so much work in hand that they are not always able to pick up each case action on a daily basis.

  • stuart says:

    Alice do the CSA have to first check that the PWC is entitled to this money? I ask again as you have ignored this question on other threads.

  • stuart says:

    Nope Alice is not going to reply to this i wonder why that would be?

  • wilf says:

    Stuart:- As long as the case is open the assumption is the PWC is entitled.
    If anybody thinks otherwise ( i.e. QC working, left household or FTNAE, etc ) it is up to them to ask for the check re child benefit.

  • stuart says:

    Are so they assume do they, just wanted Alice to explain as she is very quick to state the legislation that she works to.

    So no legal requirement when a PWC informs of a change of address to check she is entitled to this money? So the agency is allowed to collect without proving the money paid is going to an entitled person.

    But to reclaim money collected in error a person has to prove the error to the CSA?

    Makes perfect sense that idea.

  • Emma says:

    @Matt Thompson.

    I agree with what you said, I can’t stand the women that use the children as ‘weapons’ or like you say for financial gain. I think that every child has the right to know their father or mother regardless of what went on between the 2 parents.
    I know some women don’t contact the father first but I did try to contact him through his mother and got no where as he was not interested.
    I don’t agree with any kind of domestic abuse either men against women or women against men. It’s all shameful and shouldn’t happen.

  • karen75 says:

    Emma, I have written a post on this site last week or so, and I also received a mixed bag of responses. Dont take it to heart, although it is quite galling! The fact you have waited 6 years to pursue a claim through CSA just goes to prove you are not exactly a money grabber, and are doing so out of neccessity for your daughters expenditure.
    I cant believe some of the responses you have had from (some, i hope not the majority) Dads trying to justify not paying child support. I think maybe out of sight out of mind ie they dont live with the child under the same roof anymore so they shouldnt have to pay, its ridiculous, if only we could decide we cant afford our kids anymore and expect someone else to fork out for them, must be nice eh.
    I would just like to add, I have contacted my MP about the failings of the CSA towards my daughter and to my surprise he has taken my case on, and I have just had a call from the complaints team at CSA, although they have said it is gonna take them a further 3 weeks to sort this out. Whilst I am not holding my breath, its a start, and at least my case will be looked at which is more than i anticpated, maybe an option for you to go this route? Good luck.

  • Emma says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your response some of the responses I have recieved have been shocking to say the least. The mentallity of some of the ‘men’ on here is awful.
    I contacted the CSA today 05/3/13 only to be told that nothing had been done with my case since the beginning of february. The person I spoke to on the 25th Feb basically lied to me about contacting my ex’s employer. He told me he would contact them on the 25th feb and did nothing. So today they said they would contact the emplyer again and will call me by the end of the week with an update, whether they do will have to wait and see.
    If I still get no where I will try my local MP as he has been helpful in the past. I didn’t think that they got involved in these issues so it’s nice to know that I can give that a try if i get nowhere this week.
    Fingers crossed you get somewhere now that your MP is involved with your case and the CSA are looking at your case again. Good luck to you too.

  • Sally says:

    Hi Emma – as you will have noticed emotions run high on this website (and many others, i’m sure) when it comes to the CSA… and unfortunately some NRP’s have been so angered by the CSA and the idiots who work for them that they left frustrated and angry (I too have been there).

    The CSA is very bias towards the PWC, the ones who have ex’s that can easily be forced to pay (PAYE) and they tend to ignore PWC’s like yourself and fob you off with lies if they think it will take up too much of their time and effort to find your ex and make him pay.

    The only people the CSA help is themselves…. the PWC’s they were set up to support (i.e. the missing fathers who don’t pay anything) are the ones who are being ignored and the NRP’s who do pay for their kids are the ones that are being victimised…. the whole system is corrupt and the only people its really helping are the lazy greedy PWC’s who put money before their kids and truly absent NRP’s who will do anything to avoid paying any child maintenance.

    Most NRP’s on this website have followed the CSA guidelines and done everything that’s been expected of them only to find that they are in arrears (due to CSA incompetence)… similarly, some of the PWC’s who post on here are desperate to get a reliable income… the CSA don’t help either…

    I think your situation is terrible and I sincerely hope you do get the help you need from the CSA..or someone else…

  • Gonk says:

    Most of the men on this site are screwed by the csa for unfair amounts and the csa don’t give a shit about how much they take or how NRP’s are supposed to live.
    NO ONE on this site is against paying for their kids…what we ARE against is a f***ing government dictating to us how we WILL pay for our kids.alot of fathers did not choose to walk away from their responsibilities. Alot of women decided they don’t want their husbands anymore BUT sure as hell want his money AND in alot of cases obviously don’t need the money.this is a few of the reasons why you getting a hard time on here and name called…that’s wrong I agree…as you said none of us know you, but the csa IS heavily biased towards the PWC AND WHY? Very simple..it’s not the PWC they are taking the money from.I DO NOT NEED OR WANT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY FORCING ME TO PAY FOR MY CHILD. And remember…NRP’s have no right to know how their money is spent or if indeed it is EVEN spent on the kids.my ex for instance won’t tell me where sha lives or give me a telephone number ..lol..why….because I know she is claiming as a single mother but has her partner she left me for..living with her and in full time work…that bitch claims for EVERYTHING and has never done an 8 hour days work in her life.i am forced to her over £300 a month for 1 daughter whom I only can see on her terms and conditions…no I can’t afford to fight her in court because the f****ing csa rob me of so much disposable income.oh and yer…..if I have my daughter ex amount of time….all the mother does is lie to the csa…and guess wot ??? That’s right…they believe her and WHY ? Well…back to what I said earlier….it’s not in the csa’s interest to believe the NRP…because its him they robbing each month.
    You are right…Alice will spout legislation as she always does and will avoid a simple answer to a simple question. I said before and say again….she can’t or won’t answer in any manner that speaks out against the csa….they are her bread and butter…she won’t bite the hand that feeds her…so kinda understand

  • Gonk says:

    To Melanie leppan
    Women with the full backing of the csa abuse men financially and leave them in some cases homeless and suicidal.
    Women abuse men and their kids by using them as weapons out of pure financial greed or revenge or both.

  • Sally says:

    Well said Gonk… 🙂 I agree with everything yo say… !

  • Gonk says:

    Thank you Sally…and nice to be spouting again…against this bottom dwelling pond life called the csa….
    Been ill…no…not a csa born illness….well not yet lol

  • Gonk says:

    Thank you for your response some of the responses I have recieved have been shocking to say the least. The mentallity of some of the ‘men’ on here is awful.

    Emma….you are with respect….”clueless”……but you can be educated in at least taking back the above paragraph if you stay on this site long enough to read some of the horror stories about how mostly NRP’s are treated by this fith,how even some pwc’s are treated by this filth.
    Maybe alot of NRP’s (men) on this site have acquired this mentallity since having the misfortune in coming into contact with the csa

  • John F says:

    exactly right Matt Thompson
    I have had full custody of my two little girls for 3 1/2 years now after their mum neglected and abandoned them…
    and in all that time not one payment from their mother…yet csa are chasing me for my son of 10 yrs old who i last saw when he was 6 months old she got married and then stopped me seeing him .yet she keeps wanting maintenance…only difference now is i am a single working father to my two girls and will not be able to afford to keep a roof over our heads. I would of fought in court but fighting for my daughters cost me and their extended family £50k in court..at least i have them safe…for now

  • John F says:

    could not put it better than that Melanie Leppan..

  • Sally says:

    Awe, I wondered why you hadn’t been on here letting everyone know how bad the CSA were… I hope you are ok now.

    🙂 x

  • Gonk says:

    John f

    I can 100% believe you there…yours is another case of the csa being all one sided…disgusting that you get NO HELP yet these assholes chase you you money.
    Tut tut.

    X back at ya Sally

  • John F says:

    thanks gonk…it could be that i am about to lose everything as when i won my full custody battle my current wife and i split up..she couldnt take it having children from another woman…and we have a little boy between us (born on the ch4 show “one born every minute”) but we have a private settlement between us so it was all amicable. but now..well i have just written to csa telling them if i dont get payments for my two girls how can i support myself and my daughters…after stressing out for years against sickening allegations from the girls mother trying to get them back it looks like im back in that situation while all the time trying to work..concentrate on being a full time working single dad…not looking good…but il die fighting to keep my girls safe…

  • Sally says:

    Hi John!

    Have you involved your MP?? Our MP was ok, he didn’t get the false arrears the CSA gave us cleared but he got them reduced and for me every little helped…. Some MP’s seem to make more effort than others so it might be worth a try.

    Good luck..

  • brett says:

    Sally, great comment on 5th March at 12.49pm.

  • lisa says:

    Cant wait for new rules to come into play, im assuming most women who have to pay to have money collected by the csa might just put them off, its about time, some women expect a free ride and its the train is just about to stop,

  • Emma says:

    I’d gladly pay for the CSA to get the money my daughter is owed. I’m not one of these women who expect a free ride! The only reason Im doing this is for my daughter and her future.
    I feel for the men and women who want to pay and the ex is bitter so goes through the CSA out of spite to screw them over like I have said before i think it is wrong and some of the amounts that I have read that are being taken is ridiculous but what about the men and women who do everything they can to get out of paying for their children for the simple fact that they just don’t want to face upto their responsibilites???Why should they be able to deny their children???

  • Sally says:

    @ Emma – they shouldn’t!! The CSA was set up to ‘force absent parents (fathers)’ to pay but they have NEVER done that because it would take up too much time and effort to find the father etc, the CSA will come up with one excuse after another as to how they CAN’T help you.

    The do however, spend the majority of their time harrassing and victimising PAYE NRPs who already pay for their kids…

  • Sally says:

    sorry – should have added that I believe that both parents should pay for their children and have equal rights etc… it is not fair that ANY parent should get away with not paying anything for their child…

  • Gonk says:

    You do seem to understand how so many NRP’s are screwed.its all about fairness in my books which the csa is not.
    It took 2 people to make a child,therefore the cost of bringing that child up should be equal….it is not when involving the csa.as far as I’m concerned and since we are stuck with this shower of shite outfit for the foreseeable future,a NRP should be assessed on a amount he/she can afford,taking into account his/ her essential living cost…ie travel to work,mortgage,utility bills etc etc…Alice says that’s built into it using a national average…WTF is that all about Alice when I was assessed and NOT even asked if I EVEN had a mortgage.so with respect Alice thats bollocks.the csa do not take on board essential living cost. Emma…a NRP’s travel cost is regarded as disposable income..lol and Alice said that it was his fault if his job was that far away from his home by her comment about he knew what he was doing when taking a job that far away from his home…lol…that’s the attitude of the csa Emma
    Back to fairness…the PWC should be assessed as well on how much she receives taking into account all the benifits she receives and her partners earnings,after all ,he could be very wealthy and your ex and kids need want for nothing.. So why should she receive so much from the NRP.this is what’s so unfair.we are forced to pay whatever amount they seem fit ,disregarding any outgoings.
    Me personally in my case where my wife walked away from me through no fault of mine other than she got bored.i did not walk away from my responsibilities, she did and took my daughter with her…and I’m rewarded for that with being forced by a poxy government organisation to pay that bitch for taking my child from me..all wrong.and there’s the guy she left me for,he bent over backwards to take my wife and kid from me…he wanted her so badly and he got her and my baby…so in my books he should be the one f****ing supporting them.thats just my own personal view.I AM NOW SUPPORTING/SUPPLIMENTING THEIR HOUSEHOLD AS WELL AS TRYING TO KEEP MY OWN HEAD AFLOAT….ALL F***ING WRONG

  • karen75 says:

    I think when the new rules come in it will be a nominal amount for the PWC to pay for using service, its the Dads that will get stiffed more as we have come to expect. Personally I would rather have a private agreement, but the CSA is saving my NRP £80 per month at the minute so hes totally laughing and dare i say is a NRP happy with the CSA which must be a rarity (was paying 100 pcm private now paying 20)
    The problem you get is we PWC are all tarred with the same brush, as desperate money hungry selfish bitches out to seek revenge, havoc and seeking financial ruin of our exes. I wont begin to try and defend these sad women as I know they must form some of the statistics but some of us PWC do actually care, and genuinely do have the childs best interests at heart, wether it be financially, emotionally or practically.
    I can totally understand the devastation of the PAYE Dad getting stiffed for a huge amount of child support (my husband being one of them- sleepless nights & the worry, had it all) which in proportion to their wages seems unrealistically high, I know that it does not cost for instance, 320 per month to keep a child in clothes, food and warmth, I have a child i know what it costs – and that amount being taken from a modest salary was a huge blow and caused us major upset untill redundancy saved the day. We didnt even have enough left to go food shopping or pay the bigger of the bills like utilities, so my daughter suffered so my husbands son could benefit in an over the top financial way. Where is the fairness please!

    You know what irks me more than the men not paying for their kids even when they can afford it though? Men who think its their right to not pay and feel justified in making that choice, its actually sickening. I honestly wish the CSA didnt even exist and people were forced to agree privately, whilst it would help men like my husband that wish to pay (a reasonable amount) it would fail PWC like me with self employed exes, where i fear even £20 pcm would become ‘unaffordable’ for him and cease to be forthcoming, but hey i can live without it, that 70p per day wont be missed! PWC & NRP – we all get shafted, infighting wont help amongst ourselves, we are all victims here.

  • Sally says:

    @ Karen – what irks me is that these people (the non-paying NRP and money grabbing PWC’s) seem to stroll through life without a care in the world while the rest of us who have a conscience and morals struggle to do the right thing while keeping a roof over our head (and sane lol) are victimised or ignored!!

    I dislike the CSA with a passion and have never considered myself a violent person but if the people who enforced the legislation that dictates the rules surrounding the CSA were lined up against a wall, i’d be one of the first to pull the trigger and shoot without any remorse!! The Goverment and CSA staff (no matter how they say their ‘just following rules/legislation’) are playing with our lives and making hard working NRPs live in poverty, criminalising them and making vulnerable PWCs destitute)…

    The children are not the priority…. money is… god help the next generation….

  • karen75 says:

    Haha I know Sally, i would be right behind you with my finger on the trigger too! Its such an ugly thing to fight about isnt it, money? I hate it, i just wish NRP would stop making it an issue and do the right thing. He does just seem to tappy-lappy through without thinking of the real stuff day to day, that gets the rest of us all down. Tomorrow for example, its world book day, all the school gets dressed up as fave characters, I couldn t afford to get my daughter an outfit for it, and you know what, shes fine with it, and she said Mam, its ok i can just wear what i wore last year noone will notice’ I got a lump in my throat, and her acceptance of our situation and thoughfulness just amazes me! How she is the fruit of his loins i will never know, think me done good job! She makes me so proud every day. It makes all this shit worth it.

  • Gonk says:

    Here here Sally and Karen thank you for your comment about cost to feed,clothe etc a child….I am screwed exactly that amount each month for my 9 yr old daughter.on the rare occasions I do see her…she has tatty matalan clothes and shoes on. I know for a fact my ex’s mum is always buying clothes and thing for my daughter…so where is my money being spent????
    As far as I’m concerned I’d love to have my own arrangement in place where I pay her mother £130 a month for her food.i would pay for clothes,school uniform,shoes etc when she needed them,school trips,money for her holidays with her mothe.infact anything within reason and that I can see is towards my daughter..I get some control of how my money is spend and peace of mind that it’s being spent on her…with this shite outfit called the csa….I’m entitled to sweet f**k all

  • Sally says:

    @ Gonk – oh no please don’t misinterpret my comments – I fully support all that you say and your situation absolutely shocking!! You are in the exact same situation my partner was in with his ex and it is soul destroying…you are being treated unfairly 100% by the CSA and the idiots who work for it!!

    I think Karen was saying that her ex pays nothing and she is getting no help from the CSA… I think she is right to critisize her ex just as you and I critisize the PWCs who have brought misery to our lives… with the help of the CSA!!

    I think (as you know i’ve said a million times) that the NRP’s are treated appaulingly and the whole system is unfair and bias toward greedy, vindictive PWCs but not all PWCs are like that…. hope that makes sense…

  • gonk says:

    Hi Sally
    yes indeed it does make sense 100%…i do read bit too fast in my anger with these shites the csa and get confused with my words

  • karen75 says:

    Yes Gonk, I as a PWC would be over the moon if you were my NRP and offered that amount, and further to go halves on school trips/xmas presents and the like – I think this is a reasonable amount, and realistically what the CSA should view as a realistic amount to contribute on a monthly basis. You would think wouldnt ya, that the powers that be would rethink and take notice of the real REASON most NRPS say that they cant pay, and that is because it is untenable especially if they have a new family, but even if not, they still have single living costs and all that goes with that.
    Why should a PWC benefit hugely from an expartners lifestyle, its not righit, especially if he has worked hard and should be able to enjoy the trappings of his success in relative peace from CSA. You know, its a bit like selling your car or your house and telling the new owner or tenant errr well yes i will sell you it – but im keeping the spare key incase i need a lift/ a place to stay in the future – you must keep the car in my garage and I only like 200thread count eygptian cotton sheets on the bed in the spare room!
    In all honesty, if i was awarded 320 pcm i would feel guilty as i know its far to much, it just wouldnt feel right – and my NRP is a twat. I know he could easily afford this if he was above board, but all i want is enough to ease the pressure, and for my daughter to benefit, which i think 130 pcm would do.
    Any chance of you going self employed Gonk, it poses real and consistent problems for CSA, and i am living proof that your ex would not benefit at all. You could open a trust for your daughter, and buy stuff for her as you go along, stuff you want to get her, on your terms. For the record my NRP does none of these things, but is what i would do if i was in his position.

  • John F says:

    Thank you for that
    I did think about that and mentioned it in the letter to the CSA that is what I will be doing.
    I will make sure to try
    I am not letting my 2 young daughters go without the basics
    thanks again

  • karen says:

    Actually it works both ways, the men and woman who are suffered are due to the men and woman who are playing the system regardless of whether PWC or NRP I play fair unlike many on here do with the bullying they inflict and doesnt look like a good role model for their children! Join the facebook groups Child Support agencies Failings for advice and support.

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