CSA has free rein to ignore ICE

November 11, 2014

I am after some advice. In 2008 I paid off all the arrears I owed, just over £1900 via salary deduction I kept all my wage slips. The arrears were agreed with the csa and I have a letter confirming full and final payment.

I have always paid on time for my kids since my wife went off with another man and left me to look after our boy and girl. In 2011 I had a letter from the csa saying I still owed several thousand pounds, no proof no evidence and threatening legal action if I didn’t pay including prison all in one letter!

I wrote and phoned, never had a response and it was just left for them to resolve. 3 years later in Feb of this year, I was told I owed £4500 in three separate letters, again made with threats. I called them and told them I had all the evidence to prove I don’t owe anything and would not be paying any money.

I then get a letter saying I owed £2300 and again I advised I would not be paying. They have ignored all my recorded delivery letters, I have proof and signatures for them,& have promised to call back but never did. The Independent Case Examiner got involved after the stipulated time period, and it reached a point whereupon the 6th of October was the final date given by the ICE for the csa to respond with their evidence and they have also failed to do this.

When I spoke to ICE for an update they said they were still waiting for evidence, and I pointed out that the deadline had now passed for evidence to be received but ICE have said they cant do anything till they get this!

Whats the bloody point of giving the csa deadlines only for them to completely ignore them! I want this resolved asap. I have all the proof and evidence that’s needed which has been forwarded to ICE and still the csa are given free reign to ignore anything that’s asked of them without any comeback.

We are now into November and I don’t know what to do now apart from contacting my MP. Please help in any way you can!