CSA has ‘found’ money that I owe them

March 5, 2010

I have been paying via the CSA for my son for the last thirteen years. Last year, the amount I was paying was reviewed. This was at the request of my ex. The amount increased considerably and because of the time she put in the request until the time a decision was reached there were arrears to be paid.

The sum they came up with was over £2500 Try as I might, I couldn’t get this sum to fit with the calcuations I could make based on what was paid and what was owed. I requested and received a full review of every request made by the CSA and every payment made by me. This showed that I had actually overpaid £2700 over the years. As the CSA were very insistant that I paid them an extra £2500, rather than them paying me back the money they owed me,I have spent the last six months being shunted from pillar to post.

By this stage the amount I have overpaid is now over £3000. The latest person I have spoked to has just contacted me today. She has told me that they have now decided that the phasings I have been given over the years are now incorrect and that based on these retrospective changes (some going back 8 years) I now owe them over a thousand pounds.

Imagine if BT sent you a bill in 2002 for £100 and you paid it and then today they turn around and let you know that they should have charged double. That’s what the CSA are doing to me. In effect they have “found” £4,000 worth of debt to load against my case. And this is legal?????