CSA has been into my bank account

May 24, 2011

I have been paying now for 3 years and my ex will not let me see my children I left her a 180,000 house and a car and even took them to Florida on holiday as a final for my children then when my new partner came along she stopped me seeing my children. I arranged for the CSA to take my payments out of my wages so when it was gone it was gone and over the christmas and new year I was on shift as I work 4 on 4 off and they paid treble time, now I have been hit with 1010 arrears because of my shift pattern which was not my fault, I then was told yesterday that the girl from the CSA had been into my bank account to see if I could pay the arrears outright and not only that but she had been into my Credit Card to see if I could use that and expected me too basically get into more debt to pay them by using my card.

I have began a petition online to raise 5000 plus signatures to take to the government to ask them to take things into consideration like Rent/Mortgage, Council Tax at least so we can live with our new partners and at least have a bit of a life, please go to mypetition website and sign my petition if you have problems anyone reading this that thinks we can get enough men or women together to fight this contact me through my facebook link Tracy Walker or email me together in numbers we can take this to the House of Commons and fight.


  • John says:

    They have probably been into every ‘victims’ bank account.

    Give ‘tin pot hitlers’ a little power and they run riot!

  • lyn says:


    They can see anything you have on credit and bank accounts. When they were after my partner for money they could tell him how much he owed on credit and how much credit he had left. They could also she his mortgage.

    Suggest you get a credit list on yourself and whatever is on that list they can see. It is disgrace and wait for it you do know they can freeze your bank account if they see enough there to clear your debt.

    They took my partners home from him to clear the debt to his ex wife who is now living it up in the Carribean and the children got nothing

    Good luck with your campaign

  • Sonya Tyrrell says:

    hi, i would love to sign but i cannot get on to your facebook page, please can you post a link to your page, so that i can sign, there are to many tracy walkers on facebook.
    i support you 100% please send me a link so i can sign.

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