CSA has become a monster

September 20, 2014

Hi, my story started in 2007 when me ex and I split up, she told me that she wouldn’t go to the csa as she had put me through enough (2 affairs), 2 week later I get a letter from the csa for a claim to support 3 children?

We only had one together, her twin daughters father lives in Leeds. I contacted the csa to put them right but was told to seek out a Dna test on the twins? Despite me telling the csa that my ex was pregnant to another man when I met her and that my ex had committed paternity fraud, the csa wasn’t interested and I had a breakdown.

I lost everything, my house, job and car. When I went back to work the csa got an attachment to my earnings and despite my working all the hours I could to support my new family, I was regularly left with just £70 to live on.

Christmas 2008 I begged the csa to let me keep my overtime and I was assured that they wouldn’t but they did, I got into a lot of debt and ended up under the mental health team, I was almost sectioned and tried to take my own life four times.

In 2009 and with the help of my Mp my ex admitted that I was not her twins father and she didn’t want the twins father named. The case was stopped but no action taken. I have been fighting ever since to get a refund, I am still being told to get a dna test despite my ex’s confession, the csa argue that my ex could change her mind in the future? Why should she be allowed to change her mind?

She was very pregnant when I met her, why won’t they listen to me, it seems that everyone knows I am not the biological father including the children concerned but the csa are having none of it. I don’t have the £460 for a dna test so I have been advised by my Mp to apply for a declaration of non paternity which I have done. As we all know to we’ll the csa are a night mare, I regularly think about those poor men that have been so desperate that they have committed suicide because of what the csa has done to them and that I was almost one of them, they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

There was a man that got his story in the daily mirror in Aug of this year, he was owed £31,000, this man has been refused a refund even though he had paid to support a child that simply wasn’t his, he never even met the child, he was robbed just as I was robbed and perhaps many of the people on here. I have been trying for months to get the media to take up my story and finally a journalist for the sun is interested. I have also set up a gov epetition under csa refunds and would really appreciate a few signatures.

I want to blow this out of the water and into the public eye, I would love the chance to show the csa in its true light as the monster it has become. Thanks for reading, keep fighting for what’s right and fair.


  • jo says:

    Can you not take your ex for paternity fraud, one man did exactly that and won! Ultimately it’s your ex who opened up the case which csa have acted upon initially, shame nothing more has been done to stop her.

    My husband’s ex tried saying he was a father to her son, knowing full well he couldn’t be as he had a vasectomy 5 years before they met…she soon said he wasn’t and case closed never to re-opened so don’t understand why csa aren’t doing this on your case.

    Best of luck to you, women like your ex make me sick

  • Richard Nunn says:

    Hi Jo thanks for your reply,
    I have read so many stories about what the csa do as well as horrible ex’s and yet it is still going on today.
    If only there was a way to get all of us together to pool our resources and Sue the government for allowing this situation to continue.
    I cannot afford to sue my ex for paternity fraud so I am trying to get my story in the press in order to bring all these stories to the British public as a whole.
    All the very best to you.

  • Richard Nunn says:

    Sure is Jan.

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