CSA has a cheek to call itself child support

October 3, 2014

Hi just wondering g if anyone can advise me. I have an old case with the CSA now CMS. I have 2 now adult children for whom they say I owe quite a lot off arrears.

I have tried unsuccessfully to dispute this over the phone with them as I have serious doubts to the amount they say the arrears are. I have constantly asked for a breakdown of my account to be sent to me so many times I have lost count and have yet to recievw any evidence from them.

My trouble started this month when without warning and with immediate effect the CMS imposed a DEO on my wages for £500. I had no time to appeal or question this. I have been none stop on the phone with them and getting no where.

I explained to them that I am in no position to pay this amount as I have 2 young girls who I have 3 days a week and this is going to have an effect on them. They have a cheek to call themselves Child support. I sent them a breakdown of my monthly out goings which if they had looked at would see that I pay the girls mother £250pm as a mutual agreement between us as she wants nothing to do with the CMS.

I also pay £450pm rent and only earn £1280 pm. This DEO has left me unable to pay this months rent. With the breakdown I sent them I offered to pay £100 pm as I accept I probably have some arrears and this is really all I can afford. They got back to me and said they want £250pm the same as I pay the children’s mother.

They wont take the payment I give to her into account in my monthly breakdown as they say its not through them so has nothing to do with them. I really am in no position to accept this but if I don’t the DEO still stands.

I don’t know who to turn to for advise I emailed CMS this morning stating under the freedom of information act I request my full case file to be sent to me. They are usually quick at getting back to me but as yet have heard nothing. But probably still be waiting on it when I retire in 20 odd years.

Basicaaly if I have showed them all I can afford can they turn this down as it is for payment against arrears only. I cannot afford the offer they face me and certainly cannot afford the DEO but my only other option is to resign from my job as I see no point in working if I can’t afford to.

Any help or where I can turn to for advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • jenna says:

    Get in touch with your local mp!

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