CSA finance department never calls you back

April 10, 2012

hello, i started work in october last year after 2 and half years on dole paying £10 per week on JSA, i did the correct thing and told them, i was asked to send in the first 5 weekly payslips wich i happily did,i was also sent out a calender to highlight the days i had my son, this how ever didnt arrive at the CSA after I posted it despite the payslip being in the same envolope as the calender the payslip turned up no problem, my case worker range me and she said she would send out another, and yep you guessed it, that to never arrived, she then celled me and i gace her the dates over the phone she filled in a calender her end and she told me she would pass it on to finance dept and she would contact me to confirm everything was ok, i didnt hear from her, she also told me that as there is arrears on the case that will be divided up and i could pay some off added to my weekly calculated amount.

I received my new calculated weekly amount to pay on friday 16/3/2012. on 1 of the sheets of paper was a payment schedule, asking me to pay 3 fortnightly payment os £162,i phoned then today 19/3 to say that my net weekly income is just £203 they said “yes we know, i told then that i cant afford to pay that amount, but was just told to pay, they have even worked out the payment to be fortnight as i was paid my JSA fortnightly,but they also know im working and get paid weekly.

I have asked to have the payment schedule amended to weekly plan but told no.

another piece of paper i received stated that they havent received all the correct infomation to look at my case again, i rang and asked what this was about they said it was the calender that hadn’t arrived.

I am pulling my hair out, i really dont know what to do.

If you could possibly help me or assist me i would appreciate it.


  • Carol says:

    If you pay 15% of your net salary in maintenance if you earn £203 net per week the maintenance should be about £30 per week £130 over a calendar month. Why have they calculated it at £162 a fortnight? Are there arrears involved? I think they have set the payment schedule fortnightly when it should be monthly.

    I would write a letter of complaint letting them know they have made serious errors in calculating your maintenance. You are best to deal with the CSA in writing and not over the phone in case you ever have to back up anything they will tell you.

    Whatever you do try to get this sorted out ASAP before they say you have not complied with them as they will just put a DEO in place and take it from your salary.

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