CSA finally admitted it was their fault I had no money

June 6, 2012

I went to the csa because my ex husband had always been quite controlling and threatened on numerous occasions not to pay me.

Initially things seemed to progress quite quickly, i had an itinerary sent in the post telling me dates and amounts. The first payment was fine, after that it all went wrong.

I rang to find out why i hadn’t received any money they said the direct debit had been cancelled and that they would try to get a card payment over the phone. Everytime i rang the csa i was told a different thing, that the direct debit had been cancelled by them, him, there was a technical fault etc etc. No one could give me a straight answer.

As i have no communication with my ex i was obviously blaming him, assuming he was just being awkward. I eventually got a small payment of £111 which was not the expected £297 he should pay. On asking why i was told ” don’t worry , he is due to pay arrears of 600 following the £111 as he had now gotten behind.

By this point i was really struggling to buy stuff for the kids, so i borrowed funds from my parents. I was then told by another member of staff at the csa that actually the £600 pound wasn’t right and he didnt owe that much. By this point and still no direct debit set up i  had had enough, after badgering them on the phone daily they admitted that the fault lay completely with the csa, that it was their fault no direct debit was done, that they had lost paper work and that the estimates of payments were wrong. A team leader assures me it will be sorted out, but im not holding my breath.

What should of made life easier has made my life hell and cost me god knows how much in phone calls from ym mobile!


  • Pamela says:

    Do you have the admittance of mistake in writing? if not ask for them to confirm it in writing then put in a complaint for maladministration. Copy your MP into this too as he/she can also complain on your behalf, it will be dealt with through Parliamentary Complaints. Don’t let them get away with it.

  • jo elllery says:

    thanks i will do , was going to as do not believe or trust anyone i speak to to keep to what they have said !

  • j says:

    Dont deal with them by phone, put everything in writing, send by recorded delivery, keep the receipts and copy letters, get your data protection prints.

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