CSA fails to get money I need for my child

February 6, 2011

I have been reading all the comments. I am a single mother of 1 and have had an application in with the CSA for 2 years coming this May. I received a first payment in November 2009 for a very small amount, then the payments stopped.

I have always worked my socks off to provide for my daughter and sometimes find it hard to make ends meet, I do not claim benefits and pay all the bills. Bearing in mind it was ‘he’ that had countless affairs and treated us like something off the bottom of his shoe. We left with only the clothes on our backs!

I received another payment (from November 2009) almost a full year after the first, he wasn’t complying so was warned with a DOE’s order. He decided to set up a direct debit after the warning and to my suprise I was given another month’s payment (December 2010). He has since rang the CSA up and cancelled the direct debit and said that he would set it back up 21st Jan, has he? NO!

How is it that some people can get away with murder? The CSA don’t do the best job in the world as they let the absent parent fiddle the system to their best interests.

What would happen if I couldn’t afford to put a roof over my daughter’s head, feed and cloth her? I would be put straight into jail and given a criminal record. the same should apply to absent parents that do not provide for their children, in effect they are actually breaking the law.

I do understand that the CSA have the powers now to take drivers licences away, passports and actually jail absent parents, that would probably take them 28 million years to sort out. Where would I be then? Back to square one to where I am back again.

I live alone with my daughter while ‘he’ lives with someone else shying away from his responsibilities as a Father. He has never even bothered to make contact with my daughter and when she tries to make contact he makes excuses about seeing her lol he even told her I had stopped him from seeing her!

My daughter rang him just before Christmas and he promised her a present as the year before she didn’t even get a card let alone a present. Christmas 2010 came and went without, yes! you sussed it, a card or a present.

If I could get the money I am owed from him (4k) I would hire someone to put a big billard up to name and shame him, that to me would be money put to good use. All I have is this, on here to rant and rave.

My daughter is almost 10 now and I have had to sit down and tell her the truth about her dad, afterall I cannot force her dad to see her if he doesn’t want to..If anyone reads this and hasn’t fallen asleep his name is Ken Drysdale, 3 keighley Avenue, Sunderland.

The CSA can’t catch him (again) so if anyone knows of his whereabouts then let them know. It’s people like him that eventually get their cummupens:)

Thanks for the rant folks…Wish everyone the best luck in the world who have taken the time to write on here, especially the role models for the younger generation..


  • Mark Thorpe says:

    You’d put his name and photo on a billboard? I’m sorry but isn’t maintenance meant to help with your cost of raising a child? You cant need the money that badly if you could afford to do that can you? I strongly agree that every Father should help financially and emotionally in bringing up his children as long as the Mother isn’t unfairly refusing contact (which you’ve stated you are not so there is no reason at all why he should be swerving payments) . As for putting his name and address on this website are you aware that you’re breaking the law in doing so so would strongly advise you to remove it before it causes you any problems. In relation to you saying “What would happen if I couldn’t afford to put a roof over my daughter’s head, feed and cloth her? I would be put straight into jail and given a criminal record” I’m not sure what you mean by that cause you definitely wouldn’t be breaking any laws so why do you think you’d receive a criminal record or go to jail? Anyway i hope that you do get some help financially from your ex partner or even more important than money the lad actually being involved in your daughters life cause that by far is the most important thing, good luck

  • Lee Smith says:

    I have only just visited this site and read a response to a mothers ply by Mark Thorpe on February 8th 2011. That is whats wrong wiith this country and the attitude so many men and ashamedly some women adopt to supporting their children. “Fathers should HELP financially and emotionally in bring up the children if they are not being refused contact?” Children require support on a daily basis both financial and emotional, they did not ask to come into this world and as their parents we have a duty to make sure that their needs are met, whether you see them regularly or not. They don’t just have these basic requirements on the days that absent parents spend with them, but everyday. Your childrens wellbeing should be of paramount importance to you at all times regardless of where they are and even more so if you don’t get to see them everyday, or am i just being a boring old mother

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