CSA failed to secure payment from NRP

June 24, 2011

My marriage failed and I was left after period of time with the sole care of our child. When contact with the father stopped I had to reduce my hours to part time in order to parent my child, I did not have a child for it to be raised by a child minder. As such maintenance became a much needed income. This then stopped also, leaving my child with one parent on a low income. Very little of the required level of maintenance for the past two years has been paid, nothing at all since April 2010. These payments or the lack there of were over seen by the CSA. My Childs father has his own company and has chosen to pay himself minimum wage so as to avoid payment of maintenance. I have advised the CSA of his life style, potential business turnover – which could vary from £750k to £5 million based on the details in his business website and actual address, his three possible residences and number plates for his BMW M3, Porsche, Range Rover, family caravan…………….. But apparently they accept his declared income of £126.50 a week and advise that I must prove his income.

We are divorced, totally estranged, I was unaware of his finances and mistress when we were married, he lied about it all through our divorce court hearings, so I haven’t a clue about his life nearly four years on, – how precisely am I supposed to establish his income? I sent them the financial statement from the divorce showing the finance agreement for the Porsche. I knew he lied on this statement about investments but to be frank I was so desperate to be out of the marriage that I didn’t want to pursue the undisclosed assets.

CSA currently set his arrears at £435 approx for a year of non payment April 2010 to Feb. 2011. They have just obtained authority through court to use Bailiff Action to re-coup these funds but say they don’t know where he is. I was advised to wait a bit longer??????? Or I could just close the case down!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel very distressed and I don’t know where to turn for help.

Nothing is being done regarding the arrears that are accruing for this year, apparently that will also require court action after a year. How much is this costing the tax payer? I asked for a review of the payments and was advised there was no case too answer.

I find it deplorable that absent parents are allowed to do this to their children. If I chose not to adequately feed, clothe, and educate the child in my care then I would be pilloried by society and punished by law. Yet the absent parent is allowed to so.

The state is left to fund and support these children with Child benefit and Tax Credits. Is it not disgraceful that the tax payer pays more for my child in one month, than his father is expected to in a year? In the mean time my Childs father orders a new set of tyres for his Porsche. Do you see my issue with this? And yet because I am the resident carer society, quite correctly, expects me to find the funds to raise the child but nothing is done to enforce the absent parents responsibilities.

I would like some guidance on how to push this issue forward, I am able to provide for my child, albeit at a minimal level, but I am sure there a many children that do not have this luxury and I feel somebody must speak out.

I emailed my local MP – Mr Julian Smith, Conservative a month ago and as yet have not had a reply other than the automated response. Given the recent advised changes re payment for CSAs services I don’t think I will get a response! I am contemplating contacting my local newspaper to try and get other peoples stories before attending one of his surgeries. Please help.


  • sarah briers says:

    Oh boohoo poor you I was left with 2 children but was better off than I am now my husband and I both work to pay the bills and the csa extortionate payments for his ex to be able to smoke n go on holidays which we cannot afford! My kids have to go without life sucks but u got to make the best of it if u wanted your ex s money u should have stayed with him

  • Lizzie says:

    Oh dear Sarah seems to have failed to grasp the context of the issue. Didn’t she understand at least the last two paragraphs where I state I am caring for my child because I can but there must children out there that don’t have the luxury of a parent that can and I want to do what I can to help them get what they are entitled to. I illustrated my sons situation so that people know that I do not approach this issue lightly and that I have fought hard for him to no avail and I would like to support others in similar situations. All children have the right to the best possible nurturing.
    Perhaps she would feel a little less bitter if she realised that I have £30 a week to feed my son on and he wears second hand clothes – I am not booking a holiday any time in the next 10 years, oh and I don’t smoke. Not all Exs are the same.
    Perhaps she should be a little more open minded and possibly read things properly before voicing her opinions.

  • karen bedford says:

    Lizzie take no notice of ‘people’ like Sarah, she obviously has a problem herself and needs to sort it out.

    Its people like her that certainly dont help the situation.

    Please join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies failings and others, which free advice and support.

    I hope you get somewhere with the newspapers but after 12 yrs of trying to get media involved, and then it doesnt happen – might be a long shot.

    The government know there is a big problem and wont tackle it, their answer is to charge people who go to the csa who have no money so they cant afford to go to the csa, so they dont bother with the csa and then the government can turn round and say no one wants to use the csa and close it, thats their way of getting rid of it by excuse!

    Complain complain – ICE Independent case examiner, takes ages but need to go through the motions, get evidence – appeal on lifestyle through tribunal, complain to csa in writing – send recorded otherwise they lose it! Keep log of calls, etc. try and get the criminal compliance unit involved – they work with credit ref agencies – its no easy as the government put every bit of red tape possible there to stop you, but I managed to get a large advance payment a few years ago to stop me going to Watchdog and they admitted that to me too. But its hard and long winded, stressful and frustrated. Good luck

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