CSA fabricated arrears and demanded payment

April 20, 2012

I split from my ex wife back in 2003 and started making payments to the csa through direct debit payments. this worked for roughly a year til my ex contacted me to say she had’nt received payment for the previous month, she then contacted the csa who in turn contacted myself to arrange i make payments direct to my ex wife. during this period i kept a book of receipt. the csa then contacted me in july 2008 asking for payslips due to them reassessing my case.

I sent all information and never got a reply until may 2009 when they said i owed them £1528.00 due to me not paying enough since july 2008 when the assessment was started. I was to pay an extra £29 per week for 52 weeks til arrears had been paid taking this period up to may 2010. Its now 2012 and i am still paying this arrears and i have contacted them,to which they replied i still owe arrears from september 2007 til may 2009 0f £3500 due to me not making any payments for that period. i sent payslips and books of receipt back in 2009 and have since lost the second payment book covering this date.

I feel they owe me £3000+ due to me still paying these arrears that were to stop in may 2010. I’ve been to my local mp but they seem to have done all they can.

Has anyone any other advice?


  • Carol says:

    If the complaint has not been fully addressed escalate matters to the next level. If you have exhausted the CSA complaint system I think after that it goes to the Independent Case Examiner.

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