CSA errors have shattered my retirement

February 15, 2016

In 2000 CSA advised maintenance was zero for my 2nd child(from a relationship subsequent to my marriage).My wife had died, my first daughter was 15 and I had been made redundant.In December of that year they asked for an update on my situation but took no action on it. In February 2009 they contacted me to say sorry, but they’d made a cock up and I owed £39000.This was reduced to £29000 because I’d been making voluntarily for my 2nd child. They set the collection process up and got this wrong so that 2 years later my debt had increased by £12000.I had a breakdown at this point and was off work for 2 months.I have been to a tribunal, the Independent Case Examiner and the Parliamentary Ombudsman. They have found in my favour but awarded a total of £2000 in compensation – my legal costs were £4300.And the CSA are still taking 30% of my pension(I’m now 66).My debt to the ex is cleared but I still owe around £6000 to the secretary of State. I asked my MP to contact him to request that this be set aside(one of ICE’s receommendations which was not acted on).This was 4 months ago;my MP’s office say they have pursued the case with Ian Duncan-Smith but have received no response.

In addition to the consequences for my health, during the last 7 years the CSA emptied my bank accounts – and despite apologising for this, as my 2nd daughter was then living with me, they kept the money! So, 2months short of my 67th birthday,I’m still paying £320 per month; my retirement has been utterly shattered. I have no money for lawyers – can these people be sued for what they have done?


  • John says:

    Sorry to hear of your situation. I was also stitched by these clowns. They know what they are doing to you and they don’t care. They are hiding behind M.P.’s who are stakeholders in the CSA, which is a run for profit company with court judgements against it for debts.

    It appears that you have followed every avenue that you can. In my case they invented arrears, and played the “we’ve made a mistake” card, to the tune of £6400 debt.

    I involved ICE and my M.P. and my case was referred to the Ombudsman.They all closed ranks and my complaints were ‘whitewashed’.

    Our only hope is that at some time in the future there is a class action against the CSA and where successful we can be compensated.

    It is my opinion, that what happens to parents and their children has got absolutely nothing to do with grade one clerks up to executive level. It is for professional qualified people to administer any dealings in this area, but corrupt M.P.’s have sought to interfere and demonise non-resident parents.

    My answer these days is to chase any canvassing politicians off my property and make a complaint of harassment to the police.

    The law is there for all of us to use, not just these shysters!

    Good luck!

  • RoberT Lund says:

    Thanks John. I have tried to interest various lawyers in my case – bu they simply shake their heads – as though the CSA were untouchable.If there is a class action , I hope I’m alive to see it.. For a government agency to be absolved of a ‘duty of care’ seems monstrous.

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