CSA error puts me below minimum wage

September 22, 2014

My ex wife and I parted in Jan 2001 and I paid child maintenance willingly for my two children from the word go. They have always stayed with me 3 nights per week and wanted for nothing. They are now aged 19 and 15.

In January 2011 I was forced to take a cut in wages due to ill health and was earning below the minimum living allowance. I contacted the CSA to inform them of this and was told to post in a payslip to confirm my reduced income, which I did. I received no correspondence back from them until March 2013, not even an annual statement! The next paragraph Will shed light on why they eventually contacted me.

In August 2012 I was sufficiently well enough to resume full time employment with a better wage, which I did. I had been on reduced earnings for 18 months and life was a struggle but I had managed to cope. On starting my new higher paid job I contacted the CSA to tell them I needed to start paying again and asked to be reassessed. They said they would get back to me.

They eventually did….in March 2013….and said I owed £4k+ in arrears, dating back to January 2011. I argued that I didn’t owe any arrears for the 18 months I was not earning enough, but they have disregarded this and are now taking £450pm for the next 12 months direct from my wages of £1300.

This has put me back below minimum living wage.

It is completely unjust, and there seems to be no-one out there to help fight these people. I actually feel depressed and suicidal over this. Just when I am getting back on my feet they kick them from under me.

It’s a waste of time my kids coming to see me, I have no money to do anything.

Can anyone advise where to seek free legal advice and/or representation?


2 Responses to “CSA error puts me below minimum wage”

  1. Lisa Budd on September 22nd, 2014 4:06 pm

    The CSA will take what they think is due and probably more. Request your DP file and have a read thru, it will take 40 days plus to get to you and its now free! It will show you in there if there’s any cock ups

  2. Jan C C Hall on September 23rd, 2014 9:19 pm

    Go to your mp it takes a while to get sorted good luck x

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