“CSA error” left me without payments for 18 months

January 12, 2014

I am writing this complaint due to my negative experience with the CSA, I applied for child maintenance payments back in january 2012 i have from then on been unsuccessful in receiving any payments, even tho my ex partner has been in full time work. My children have suffered finacial hardship due to this as i am self employed and some weeks i dont make a wage and we are all living on tax credits, and money i borrow from friends and family. Each time i have phoned the CSA the conversation has been the same
Dates I phoned the CSA in 2012

2nd jan
18th jan
29th jan
9th mar
14th mar
15th mar
27th june
06 Aug
21st Aug
6th Nov
20th Nov

Dates I phoned the CSA in 2013

6th March
17th March
25th May
11th June

The contact number for the CSA is also a 08 number so the money i have had to pay in phone calls has been rediculas.

On 13th June 2013 i spoken to a manager who has now told me all this delay has been a CSA error! This has been such a stressful time for me, and my family have had to go without things whilst watching my ex (their dad) buy a new car! Go on holidays! Buy new clothes! and have nights out! ect, using money which should of been helping to support his children, to make things worse he left me to pay off thousands of pounds worth of HIS DEBTS (which i am still paying for) so you can understand my fustration! also i have now been informed by him that he has just resently left his job! so i can wave good bye to any maintenance or arrears money i was expecting ( which i owe to people for things i’v bought for my children under the impression i was well over due maintenance money that I would be receieving very soon)as each time i have phoned the CSA they have told me my case is getting sorted (which it hasnt been)and i will be getting maintenance payments soon My case has been active 18 months and now i get told there has been a CSA error!


  • Adrian says:

    The first thing you should know about the csa is that they are qualified liers. When you ring them and the idiot that answers your call can’t see what the problem is they revert to common answers. Things like it’s being sorted. We will ring you back. I’ll give this case my full attention. All excuses just to get you of the phone. So the next time you ring up you get an entirely different person ??? Hence your case worker assigned to you does not actually exhist.
    My advice is. Ditch the telephone conversations with them. Keep everything to letters.
    Put at the bottom of your letters ( copy sent to local mp —-name of mp——- )
    It might seem quicker to try and sort it by telephone but it’s not. And I think a lot of people on this site would agree with that.
    Your ex will eventually pay 40% in the future once he gets a job. But don’t blame him for trying to avoid them.
    The csa are on a par with traffic wardens as the most hated profession in the uk

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