CSA ensures my little girl suffers

February 11, 2011

As a paying non-resident parent who works very hard I find the CSA system a joke.

Firstly the fact that each and every non resident parent has to pay toward the upbringing of their child based on a % of their wage is wrong. For instance 2 dads have 1 child to pay for, same age. one earns 10k more than the other. The dad earning more is paying more for a child that shouldn’t cost any more than the other. Really not fair!

The CSA should base the payments on an average cost based on the child or children’s age, this way it makes it fair for all, obviously for those earning less should be addressed separately.

My situation is as follows:

I am a 25 year old male. I have a lovely 3 year old daughter. I split from my ex nearly 2 years ago. Since then she has refused access, taken me to court for things she has lied about etc.. Not a amicable split.

However got myself sorted, met my girlfriend and now have a place together and both earn good wages. Are house is a two bed so my little girl had her own room and i am allowed access to my daughter every 2 weeks.

The mum is a nightmare. she is going through boyfriends like no tomorrow, she accuses me of given my little girl colds, coughs and water infections and wont allow extra access to see her unless its Christmas or my birthday. She hasn’t worked in 3 years and has tried to claim CSA money from me when i was made redundant and out of work for 2 months.

She has recently contacted the CSA because she would like her maintenance money in her bank the day I get paid. Well this is not possible because a BACs transfer take a few days and even longer when I have to pay the CSA who then pay her. The CSA re accessed me and believe i wasn’t paying enough even though the original figure was set by them. We pay extra for a bedroom so my little girl has her own space and ensure that when i see her she gets taken out, more expense.

The whole benefit system is a joke and i agree when people say that the working people get treated unfairly because there are many dads out there who don’t care and don’t pay never get caught


  • fact says:

    hopefully when if the green card goes through the csa in 2012 is going to change big time, and they then will have powers with access, until then they cant for legal reasons get involved

  • CookieMonster says:

    The current CSA system is a joke, the main aim of the government is to stop people from using the CSA and try to get parents to come to their own agreement which in theory would be fantastic but unfortunately it won’t work for all, a recent BBC news story showed how the government are planning not only to charge up to £100 for the initial payment assessment but to take up to 12% of the money the PWC recieves and charge the NRP up to 20% of their payment for their service, that is over 30% of the money meant for our children going to the government. Yes it will deter some from using the CSA but for many it will be yet another revenge tool.

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