CSA ended the call saying I was rude to them

April 9, 2012

Ever since me and my kids mum part ways i have had my children in my life ever since. i started having them 2 nights a weeks and 4 days, i now have them 3 nights a week and also for 4 days. due to this i had to drop a day of work to have my kids extra. i contacte dthe csa about the change in circumstances back in dec 2011.

I also notifed them of my new daughter who was born on june 29/11. they sent me a envelope to send off wage slips, i did this and recieved them back promptly. i then used to phone them every week for an update, i kept asking them if they had recieved the wage slips and if the information on my case was correct. they kept informing me they have all the correct information and to wait up to 15 weeks. i did this and today i recieved a phone call from a lady at the csa asking me to send in wage slips and as soon as i have then my case will be processed, she then asked me for my daughters date of birth.

I told her and then told her that i phone every weem to make sure the details they have on my case is correct. She said that they dont have the wage slips and didnt have the info on my daughter. i said that that is ridiculous as i have already given u all this info. the woman was then very rude and said that i have to send it otherwise they will shut the case.

I then asked to speak to her supervisor, she said “no he isnt around sorry” so i asked to speak to her manager, she replied “he isnt in today sorry”. then she said, “send me the information i asked you to and im gunna end the call now because you are being rude to me!!!”

I am fed up with being treated like a mug by them, this isnt the 1st time either they have done this over and over again, they also tell me one thing and my kids mum another. is there anything i can do beacuse i am very angry at being treated so badly when all i want to do is be part of my childrens lives…


  • Elaine says:

    I wish I knew the answers. My partner has been dealing with their incompetance for over five years now. He lost his home and job because of their lies and free license to treat people in this irresponsible way so now he cannot provide for his kids because he is unemployed where he was payingover the required amount when working. They seem to get away with so much and they now refuse to talk to him at all…. How do we fight these idiots????? By exposing them continuously, by involving your MP, by speaking to reporters and anything it takes so the government will HAVE TO startdoing something about this shambolic agency they have formed !!!! Good luck fella don’t give up with them…. We won’t. 🙂

  • Carol says:

    You have your children quite alot and it seems like almost shared care. Would your ex come to an agreement with you? That really is the only way you will get the CSA out of your life by your ex withdrawing her claim and you both mutually agreeing on maintenance.

    If that is something that would not be possible with your ex then write a complaint letter to the CSA over the attitude of the person on the phone and also that you already sent in what they requested. Also that you have made weekly telephone calls for updates for apparently nothing. What a disgraceful situation!

  • Carol says:

    Elaine – has anyone successfully exposed them? I was actually thinking of getting the magazine Take A Break involved to see if they would take on this kind of thing from both NRP and PWC and expose as much as possible.

    It seems all the underhand things this Agency does is widespread and not isolated to any one particular case. And nothing is done. CSA is really a crazy waste of money!

  • jay. says:

    Carol, the csa have a media cag on reporters etc, they are only allowed to expose the good points of the csa, we have had ex csa workers willing to whistleblow, but they signed a contract stating that employees etc will be in breech and will be liable for exposing what goes on publicly….government don’t care as its become a money making scam which no one can stand up against…my advice know your rights, don’t be bullied, harrassed or intimidated by any of them and fight back.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Golden Rule No1 when dealing with the CSA.

    Do not deal with the CSA by telephone.
    Do not accept calls from them and do not phone them.
    Deal only by post; keep in date order letters received and copies of letters sent.

    This is an example why.

  • Carol says:

    How on earth are people to get anything changed with this Agency when nobody will report on it and bring it to the public’s attention why the Government are throwing money away on this Agency and treating NRP’s the way they do? It is crazy and daylight robbery that they get away with this.

  • peter says:

    lol i wrote the original comment on here, i recieved a letter dated the 2nd april from them telling me they have tried contacting me and i urgently need to contact them regarding an important matter regarding my csa payments.
    right i think im actually getting somewhere, maybe they have sorted my case out?
    i ring them hold for ten minites, finally speak to some1 who turns round and says that i shouldnt have recieved this letter yet and nobody needs to speak to me. lol when i asked who will pay the phone bill i just wasted he replied “you obviously” then hung up???!!!???
    what is the point in them?

  • Brett says:

    Carol. Your comments are so true. Ive only been reading the horror stories and comments for the past few months on a daily basis. Ive now gone back a few years to read other horror stories and read the comments. People on this site come and go, with great hope of getting something done, but eventually realise they are fighting a losing battle and just give up being in total dispair. When the CSA stitched me up with over £11,000 of made up arrears 4 years ago, despite the fact I’d never missed a payment, and was paying a more than reasonable sum of money, ( I’m under the old system) and always fully complied with any correspondence, I like many others thought this not right or this must be a mistake. I drove from my London home to the Midlands and to the North East to get a second opinion from independent CSA specialist advisors, as I was determined to fight my case. However after spending a small fortune both advisors told me the government (Labour were in power at the time), had given the CSA the authority to do this. I was in a professional occupation at the time and both advisors told me I was at the top of the in tray for them to start on people like me first. The only glimmer of hope would be to see my MP and try to get him interested. That was a waste of time. After making many sacrifices and going through the stress that all these people are going through, I’ve paid back the made up arrears of over £11,000. However it would’nt surprise me if I get a phone call from the CSA in 2 or 3 years time saying I owe them another £11,000 in back payment.SCUM !

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