CSA encouraged private payment then intervened with a bang!

September 27, 2015

I was on job seekers allowance for a brief period where the CSA would take £5 for each child from benefit. I have 2 children with my ex. That was fine, but when I started my new job, my ex wife asked me if I wanted to pay a private arrangement just between her and me. I agreed, so she suggested an amount that she would like from me each payday. I think the CSA call this a private family arrangement and also encourage this to happen.

However, a year into this payment plan and the CSA sent a letter demanding how I am paying my maintenance payments. I sent a letter back telling the about the private arrangement along with proof of receipts, they sent a letter back saying they are now taking over and have doubled the payments which are taken straight from my pay. Is this fair? Why cant I pay with the private arrangement? Is it right? I dont think so. I have 3 children with my current partner.


  • Woody says:

    That’s the CSA/CMS for you!! Utter scum.
    It’s the policy of DWP to encourage private family arrangements, yes?
    However, take into account the employees of the agency, who commit fraud on a massive scale usually targeting NRPS with made up arrears, threaten, bully and in many cases drive individuals to suicide!
    Are they really going to allow a vast amounts of their cases to migrate to private arrangements?
    Not a bloody chance, most of the fucking retards would be made redundant and would probably never find employment again, who would want to employ an ex CSA worker? Knowing how dishonest and self serving creatures they are.


  • Anthony says:

    i feel your pain, i have a similar problem with my ex, she insists to me that csa wont accept a private arrangment and they have to keep colllecting, the csa wont speak to me about it and say it has to come from her, they have messed up so many times, at the moment the have a detacment of earnings from me, but get sod all as they messed up what my earnings are, even though they have been in touch with my employer and have copies of my payslips , so all we want is a private agreement so ex gets a little money off me each week instead of nothing, im more than willing to pay but when they mess up so much im not willing to hand over a penny to her as i know they would not take it into account and keep adding to the arrears, feeling frustrated, need help, its like banging your head up against a brickwall when you speak to them, sorry im ranting lol

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