CSA drove me to near suicide

December 10, 2012

I make no exception as to how I feel about the “entrapment case kid” her Mother, Step-father and a relative who threatened me with 3 kitchen paring knives.I am paying CSA for a child that should never been born, the Mother lied to me about “being on the pill” and she and the Step-Father (now husband) took the child away from one county to another. my Nephew, who has 3 kids and not paying CSA and has not done a DNA tells me to “do a DNA and be the man” made threats to kill me on and off FACEBOOK and the CSA know of this as my “entrapment case kid” told her mother and Stepdad I ignored her when I never, thus having my front room window smashed in FIVE DAYS after my Eldest Sister passed away on 15 December 2011.

I hope the CSA feel embarassed in the knowledge that they allow others to drive me to near suicide and noting that I am still paying CSA for these CRIMINALS! I hope one day that my Nephew also pays the CSA for his THREE CHILDREN as the CSA know who he is, where he lives and the names of his three kids. I TOLD THEM as he told the entrapment case kid’s Mother and Step-father my business too. I no longer speak to any member of my family and have no intentions to speak to others who cause destruction to my home,causing distress to me; and noting they talk to an EX partner who is a MIND GAME PLAYER who also claimed I would not need to “give up my home, live with her whether I done a DNA ;or not” She knows who she is.

Her Daughter told me I was her “Mum’s bit on the side for EIGHTEEN MONTHS and the Mother also claimed she was pregnant by me” She lives in WESTON SUPER MARE. The Mother of the entrapment case kid put a passport sized pic of a BABY under my door in 1994. NO NAME OF CHILD ;OR ADDRESS to contact her if I wanted to. On the back of the pic had “1994” nothing else.

I am painted BLACK by others and now I feel justified in telling everyone about this. I sincerely hope never to see any of my family and noting that ever since I have refused to speak to the Mother and Step-father who passed a comment “You hurt my Daughter, I’ll hurt you, my son will hurt you and my friends will hurt oyu” I must remind him that the entrapment kid LOOKS LIKE ME EVERYDAY and therefore, she is my biological Daughter and always will be.Pity I was lied to by her Mother and then neatly driven to suicide by all of my family and the entrapment case kid’s family.

I don’t nothing to do with her and her family and my family. I am paying for a LIVING LIE!


  • Foreverskint says:

    Should have worn a condom?

  • Alice says:

    sorry to sound blunt, but if you did not want a child then you had a responsibility to take precautions yourself to prevent a pregnancy, it was not just the woman’s responsibility. I do not condone the actions of others and I would hope that you have reported the threats and criminal actions to the police.

    Regardless of the actions of others the fact is that you have fathered a child and you have a responsibility to contribute to the upbringing of the child.

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