CSA driving me to breaking point

March 13, 2020

These people are driving me to breaking point
I’ve been paying child support approx 6/7yrs now
CSA is trying to tell me I owe them £1400!!!!
Now csa set the cost and up till 2 yrs ago came out off my wage so basically my employer took it from my wage and meant to pay them
Since then I’ve gone to pay direct
Now I’ve sent them proof off payment showing bank statements
So how the hell are they getting this .??? I’ve been on the phone daily to them this needs sorted because they now adding this on to my monthly payments when as far as I am concerned I’ve already paid everything they have asked for???
Am getting nowhere with them
They now putting me back on to DEO which am fighting hard to get stopped and they won’t stop it
Am worried about this because if money is owed I can only assume it’s from my employer for all my payments show on wage slips at that time n since I’ve proven I have paid showing bank statements
Can anyone point me in the direction I need to go n get this sorted any help is appreciated