CSA dreamt up 11k of arrears

July 29, 2012

After paying all the csa have asked on 2 cases for many years, in 2010 the CSA dreamt up 11k of arrears, and were set to take £800 a month to get it back by DEO i had agreed to pay regular maintenance by.

After many months they reduced this to £500.no evidence of arrears has been forthcoming, in November they came again for more. i have asked on many occassions for a full breakdown, they have produced 4 now all different. my case is now at ICE. last set of arrears were now down to 2k.

Both parents with care have asked the CSA to set a fair level and do not want me in poverty through no fault of my own. My MP is involved but needs a kick to get him to do anything.

I now am deep in debt as a result of their failings. and still have not got a full breakdown despite them lying to me and my MP, losing recordings when i have evidence of lies, and caused a 4 month delay with ICE by saying my case was not closed when it was.

So far they have givenm me £50 and said sorry…. I intend to fight all the way as having paid £36k in 5 years to be put in debt by them is obsecene, the last 2 years have been hell and do not anticipate it getting better, do these people not have a regulator??.


  • John says:

    You should also bring this to the attention of your M.P. and ask him/her to refer your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman on the basis of prolonged and continued maladministration.

    I would also write to Ian Duncan Smith and Maria Miller at the DWP.

    The more bad publicity this lot get, the more chance of closing this shambles down!

  • stuart mitchell says:


    Thanks for replying

    your comments are all the same for each case, done all of that suggested.

    CSA failed to inform me that if PWC don’t want the arrears they do not need to collect them. wish i had known that 2 years ago. CSA now disputing their core principles of informing parents of all options, does not cover this !!!!!. also that maladministration should not cause hardship does not apply either, they take the rules they want to use and ignore the others. They are just liars and crooks and allowed to get away with it by lazy and corrupt MP’s and Ministers unable to reply to valid ethical questions about her CSA.


  • John says:

    I have been down almost every avenue I can think of in order to find some redress. I downloaded and completed a form for the European court of Human rights, filled it in and sent it off, with a covering letter, only for them to ask me to take my case through the British courts first, which we all know are as bent and corrupt as the CSA and M.P.’s!

    I am hoping that in time, there may be a ‘class action’, which will open the floodgates for all CSA victims!

    I have no problem providing finance for my children, but what has it got to do with these corrupt morons, interferring in my private affairs!

    Good luck!

  • chall says:


    What dates did your cases commence with the CSA?

    Was either case subjected to a penalty or default decision that has later been converted?

    Was the first case subject to phasing?

    Has a re assessment been carried out at a later date and back dated?

    Were either / both PWC claiming benefits prior to April 2010?
    If so, the arrears will mainly be owed to the Secretary of state and the PWC will have no preference regarding the collection of such.

    Have ICE made a conclusion yet?

    Obviously, It’s near on impossible to give any accurate advice on the small amount of info given.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • stuart mitchell says:


    still waiting for them to evidencde the arrears, 2k is owed to the secretary of state.

    They have had control of my payments via my voluntary DEO, yet have not informed me how or why they have allowed the arrears to accrue but have admitted it is due to maladministration by them.

    They take what they want when they want without informing me, agree a figure then take more.

    They also take the policy that suits them and ignore the core principles and guide for redress. ICE start their investigation on 3/8/12. following a 4 month delay caused by the CSA.



  • stuart mitchell says:

    Just had a call from head of complaints review, admitting serious errors and that they have not served me properly, Hopefully they will now address the last 2 years of hell.

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