CSA don’t care that they’re the cause of my ill health

November 8, 2017

I’ve been paying the CSA since 2004, you know in the days when they took what they wanted and payments went from 304 one month to 475 the next month so I put it on standing order instead of direct debit after consultation with my solicitor. during this time and think I never not paid they told me I was I arrears of 2000 and I had to pay extra but after a few months of complaining I rang them and they cancelled the arrears just like that saying I didn’t owe them it. what idiots as they don’t listen to your personnel case and are just like robots with no personality. Then for a few years it was reasonable as I had taken a call out job as well at 70hrs a week which wasn’t included in the calculations because of the type of job it was.

so by now I had paid up to 2015 £44000 to her and put 3 through university paying towards them to help when needed and getting told that I didn’t help even though I’ve been there all the while by the Kids.

then the new child maintenance team started and started hounding me for more money saying that they only calculate it on earnings and asked for another £90 a month causing me stress which I was already under due to illness and being told to go sick from work, them my wife was taken into hospital and the day after the CSA rang and I had an argument with them.

I cant remember what happened the next day as I woke up in Hospital after trying to take my own life and am still fighting the CSA but through a 3rd party due to my Health.

Don’t let it get to you like I did and feel as though no one will listen even though the CSA DONT.

sorry for my rant.


  • David says:

    Hi Martin

    In my view, the whole of your case needs investigation! Someone seems wrong.

    I suggest you seek professional help with this and you can contact me in that regard by dropping me an email at [email protected]


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