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CSA don’t care that they make fathers homeless

Hi there . i need help / i split with my ex and we have a daughter . shes 3 years old now and i have been in and out of work . i have built up s much debt that i have had people round chaseing me for money . i am constantly stressed with money worries.

I have just managed to rent a flat after being homeless and now i am getting on my feet i am actually struggling to live i am just making rent and bills and aying child maintince is just kill me i am left with £100 per month to live on for a month i barly eat and i am struggling to get my head around this i have spoken to the ex and explained how much this is effecting me but she didnt really care .

i have told there my case and they dont even care . yes i understand we have to contrabuit to our childern but they have to say ok how much can you pay .

do you know that most homeless men in britan are cause by debt because of child support and they have gotten so much into debt they lose there job and then lose thier apparments . what is this world coming to when people struggle and the worst of it all she is just sitting at home at her mums living off benifets i cant deal with it anymore dose anyone know who to talk to and how to get this done .

One thought on “CSA don’t care that they make fathers homeless

  1. Hi Michael

    Sorry to read about your situation.

    You did not say how much you are paying in CM and your actual income. If you are on Benefits, you should only be paying a modicum about in CM. If you are working the amount depends on your income. If you are struggling, the CMS should bear those things in mind.

    If you need help putting your case to the CMS, please contact me at [email protected]


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