CSA don’t care even if I’m struggling

October 2, 2014

The last time I heard from the csa my daughter had just started college the day before and she had applied online for her college course.

I was still due over 3000 pound in arrears but they called anyway and I was put on the phone to someone from the chid benefit agency who had asked me all these questions and had asked when my daughter started, if I was still entitled to child benefit which I am.

She caused a huge argument between Me and My daughter but that didn’t bother her that I ended up in a real bad way in tears and that was around a month ago.

I still haven’t been paid anything even though I know I’m due to get paid.I was due to get paid a while ago but no they don’t bother I haven’t even had as much as an email to let me know even though I’m really struggling.


  • Bill says:

    Has the NRP made the payments due.
    He obviously asked them to ascertain the status of the QC.
    Why would their enquiry cause an argument?

  • Lisa says:

    My daughter didn’t go through high school after after her first year her friends turned against her,social workers got involved and I had to fight to keep her.. Her dad once told her she would end up gettingf a job at mcdonalds… She said she wanted to go onto income support but I didn’t want that for her.wanted better,so did she and she started college my child benefit stopped for 2 weeks while she applied but now its reinstated I haven’t even heard from csa..told them I didn’t want sherriff officers at his door as obv I can see it from his side too.. But he is in 3000 pound or over now ib arreara xo its just causing more problems for him.. I brought her up myself with no support and I’m proud of her after what happened through school but The csa are just causing more problems for him as my child benefit stopped for 2 weeks until my daughter started college the day after my daughter started college….

  • Lisa says:

    I’ve still rrcieved nothing not even as much as a phone call

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