CSA don’t care as long as they get my money

February 20, 2016

I work as a cleaner at Stratford-upon-Avon collage and worked for 10 hours a week and was paying 28 pound a month for my two kids. Then I went to 17 hours a week and only work term time. Well csa phoned me and a right rude cow said me to provide 4 wage slips in 2 weeks time. Well someone else phoned me and said they wanted two wage slips so I did that and I told her that that was a full month and I will have les because I only work term time and said we don’t care its worked out on what u gave us.

I now have to pay 55 pounds a month dispite the fact I am behind in my rent and council tax . They could not care less about me trying to live they are rude and I have never encounterd such hatred towards people as these wankers. They say 12 hours at college is full time how is that possible and when I don’t get paid in august what do I do then . I asked this and the reply was I don’t care . well . my lad works as well 5 days a week and pays his mom so why am I still paying her as well csa said no comment .So again just baseicly go away and pay .


  • MrWhitey says:

    Yet another tale of the CSA scum playing the rules in order to maximize the amount they take (and no doubt very little it goes to the PWC)

    I’d like to see every CSA ‘worker’ given a parachute and dropped into Syria behind ISIS lines…

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