CSA doesn’t want to do the work to help me

September 2, 2012

I’m extremely frustrated with child support agency, my claim has still not been processed after 6months. The past four months I have rang every week pushing to get some were with my case with no success. I’m being fobbed off left right and centre with false promises of the things there doing, or being snottly spoken to.

I’m so disappointed with the treatment Im reserving at the moment I’m being told there on skeliton staff because of summer. How can a company let this happen and not follow up on there case files like they promise to do …. I feel like they don’t want to do the work to help me.


  • karen bedford says:

    You need to get your MP involved.

  • Carol says:

    Write a formal letter of complaint asking why it has taken so long.

    As Karen says also get your MP involved and then you will have one point of contact to find out what is going on and a direct number instead of having to go through a call centre.

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