CSA doesn’t take my mortgage into account when assessing figures

November 3, 2011

Looking for some help.

My children are 24 and 22, both in full time work. They both have been to Uni. I received a letter from CSA some 2 years ago stating my case was closed and there was £6000 in dispute (they messed up on calculations) and that as the case was closed, no more money was due.

19th October 2011, received a letter from the CSA stating I owed them £11,269.42. I called them and asked where this figure came from and they said my case was re-opened in September this year and they have recalculated back to 2000. I advised that the case was closed (I don’t have the letter from that far back). I asked for a breakdown, which they sent. I called again and advised the figures were wrong (based on other factors not taken into account, eg. work, mortgage, etc) and they said they can not go back and re-assess and that I needed to pay. My ex-wife re-opened the case.

She has advised that she will be giving the money to my children???

Where do I stand, can I get any help? I have just now been issued with a court liability order unless I pay within 7-days. I offered £200 per month and was told not enough as it needs to be cleared in 2-years, that would mean paying £500 per month.

Can anyone advise on what I can do. It appears that the CSA can do what they like. I have always been in touch with my children and helped pay my daughters accommodation through Uni, however it appears that this isn’t taken into account as the payment doesn’t go through the CSA.

I am at the end of my tether as it appears that after all this time I am still being penalised against making a fresh start.


  • eddie says:

    I have an idea on this don’t even know if it would work but if you contact me at

    [email protected] we can discuss by PM.

    There are many in the same boat i feel for you I really do.. Don’t let the bar….ds grind you down.


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