CSA doesn’t care or want to help

June 22, 2015

My daughter is 4 years old and lives with my ex , we split 2 years ago and for the last 2 years i have given my ex £150 a month , i also buy my daughter new clothes and shoes , and some times even give mty ex more money if she asks.

I have my daughter every weekend , and even during the week depending on what shift i am on , my ex lives opposite my mothers and rarely has my daughter because she always with my mother , my ex has now gone to the csa.

She has told them i have never given her any money or kind of support and i only see my daughter once a month . i have spoken to the csa and have the impression that they do not care or want to help , my ex is now saying she is going to make it that i pay £600 a month to her.

I have my own rent to pay that is £500 per month plus my council tax , gas , electric and other bills , me and my new partner are trying for a baby of our own. I’m all for giving my ex money towards my daughter but i would like proof of where it would be going , like i said i give my ex 150 a month and every time i see my daughter she is neither dress nicely dressed to suit the weather , last winter she wouldn’t have a vest or socks on , no scarf , hat or gloves and her coat wouldn’t be thick enough for the cold.

How do i stop my ex from lying and getting more money and making it hard for me to support my self on a day to day basis and how can i make sure the money i will be paying for her goes on the correct things such as suitable clothing for my daughter.


  • Gonk says:

    Let the greedy Selfish bitch go to the csa. They will asses you from the day she opened the claim and who knows, you may have to pay her less than what you are giving her now?
    Oh and your ex does not dictate what you pay, the csa does, and unless you are on a dam good salary? You will not be paying her £600 a month. Only if there was arrears on the case would you be paying as well,but if she has not opened a case and has never done so previously ? You don’t have arrears.
    Good luck and let’s hope she shoots herself in the foot and you pay her less through this vile organisation

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