CSA doesn’t care if I can afford to live, so long as they get their money

March 25, 2013

I had an agreement with my ex-wife to pay Child Maintenance Allowance to my 2 children who were 18 & 17, £350 per calendar month. But then on the 22nd May 2012, she then decided to contact the CSA who then took some time to calculate my payments and only informed me to start paying £411.66 per calendar month which I did on the 14th June 2012.

My payments continued with some variations upto the 3rd December 2012 when both my children started working full time as from September 2012. One child stopped education before September and the other didn’t go to college but the ex-wife informed the Child Benefit Agency after the 3rd September, where they give you a 20 week extension which took mine up to the 3rd December. I had a call in January 2013, to state that my case has been closed and I no long require to make payments.

However, 14th March I received a letter stating that they are going to take 3 payments of £103.30 and 1 payment of £16.10 directly from my wages. I have had no correspondence from them since January and now they have taken upon themselves to go directly to my payroll. I have challenged this with them and stated that I want to appeal against this, as I have kept to my monthly payments without default, even before they got involved. But they are still determined take the payments.

The CSA is a law amongst themselves, and more than willing to put me out of a job as long as they get there payment. For instance, I need my car for my job and I told them that if I keep making this level of payments (as I was keeping my head above water but putting stuff on credit card which I am still paying off. Only way I could survive!) I will have leave my job and sell my car. The only thing they said to me was if you do please let us know and we can change your payments.

I have appealed but not sure if they will take it on board as they didn’t want to listen on phone.

Any ideas or advice!


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  1. Peter Brown on March 25th, 2013 2:50 pm

    I used to think the CSA only chased absent parents who refused to support their offspring, then my ex started to use the CSA against me as vengeance, and God, did I learn the hard way, you cannot talk, reason with or get anywhere with the CSA, you have now become a piece of shit, a blot on the face of society, the lowest farm of life on this planet, and someone with absolutely no rights whatsoever. The CSA don’t give a toss if you starve to death because they have left you with no money for food, because you don’t matter, you are nothing…… it did take me a while to realise that I had become worthless and my life means nothing at all to anyone, they say that you have to hit rock bottom before you can get yourself together and start again, but what nobody tells you is that the CSA will put you there and then keep their heavy foot on your head to stop you rising again…………

  2. carol on March 25th, 2013 4:02 pm

    so true peter.

    I know myself that I am a worthless piece of shit, and would be better off dead. Still praying for cancer, but havent got it yet.

    OP, i agree with you but just think 300 quid and these bastards are out of your life…try focus on that if they still do not listen to you.

  3. lisa on March 25th, 2013 7:18 pm

    @ Carol

    Im sure you didt mean that and its only the CSA people who would wish that on anybody, well they are a cancer full stop, Dont let them get you down or they have won

  4. carol on March 25th, 2013 10:47 pm

    im sure i did, lisa.

    since 2008 ive been praying for cancer. In 2010 I felt a lump and thought yes this is it, went to drs, it was benign. I was gutted. seriously, I was gutted. I felt relief to feel a lump. Need help do I? I just want to live in a peaceful, fair, compassionate place, where human neings come before money.

    That aint happening anytime soon, so if they have won…well done CSA., you won, enjoy your sick victory…but karma is a bigger bitch than me.

  5. lisa on March 25th, 2013 10:49 pm

    @ Carol,
    Karma always comes back to bite, and one day soon we hope the CSA get there comeuppance, they haven’t won, they wont ever win, we are human beings and deserve to be treated as such

  6. lisa on March 25th, 2013 10:57 pm

    @ Carol
    I f your on facebook we have a fab group, no bitching or calling, just a group looking out for each other showing the CSA for what they are, join us its for mums and dads alike,http://www.facebook.com/groups/204256966364149/

  7. Jo on March 26th, 2013 8:14 am

    Carol, I can fully emphasise why you feel like you do. Hopefully one day your child will find you, and you can explain everything. Lets hope csa also decide that your ex owes a massive overpayment and shoe on other foot…..this what happened in our case, thought she was getting loads of money and ended up
    with nothing, she has a daughter who hates her because of the control she enforced with regards to keeping her away from her dad….my god the lies that were told, which does get found out. In your case, your ex must be one miserable and sad person, nothing better than showing a person like that is to say you’re not going to win. I hope you do get resolution and just be the best you csn br

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