CSA doesn’t care about your debt

August 3, 2012

I seperated from ex-partner 13years ago, when she left i was left to clear of a considerable amount of debt 17,OOO which in due course i did. It was in both our names, that was the agreement i cleared this off.

I did pay what i could for the 2 children considering i had this enormous loan to pay off.

Anyway 4 years ago i met someone else and got married, next thing i knew CSA hot on my heels sheriff court officers at my new wifes door with court order for myself to appear as i owe the EX 16,500 in arrears for child maintenance. I consulted a lawyer i had the neccessary paperwork that i had cleared debt off which was in her name, tit all went to court and as you can guess the CSA never took it into consideration this debt.

I feel so let down by the system and everything seems to be in favour of this EX , i even suggested paying directly to my girls money but this was rejected, since i seperated from this character she has been declared banktrupt and has a gambling addiction, i have now incurred legal fees . even my wife was asked to produce earning details which she refused!!!as no consideration was taken that my wife had a daughter to support. i pay the ex 200 p/m but thats not enough now wants near on 400 p/m. my children in question are now 19 and 17 one in college and other in school i feel as if im going round in circles.

Where do i stand ?


  • chall says:


    Did your case commence before or after 03/03/03?

    If your ex was claiming benefits when the CSA initially became involved prior to 2010, the arrears could be all or mostly be owed to the Secretary of State.

    Are you claiming the initial contact you received from the CSA was 4 years ago and this was informing you about £16,500 that accrued in arrears?
    If so, you need to establish via the CSA when, where and how they originally made contact with you [contact usually sets an effective date for a case to commence]. How they have calculated your liability and whether it is a proper or a penalty assessment [a penalty assessment could be altered if info can be provided].

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • brian says:

    My ex has made my life a living hell for years, money grabbing individual, felt times just as well handing her my bankcard, absolutely nothing coming over her financially holidays abroad, bingo 4 nights a week, never away from takeaway shops. I have absolutely no contact with my 2 daughters they have been completely brainwashed and controlled by the friendless ex. Anyway the tide turned in my direction , firstly my wife was informed that the ex had been caught by the DHSS fraudulently claiming benefits, so the lazy bitch has now to go out and work like the rest of us HAHA !!. As having no relationship with my girls i was under the impression 1 in college 1 in school and i was paying maintenance, My wife felt something was amiss, so she enquired around !! to my disgust i found out both out of education , oldest since May 2011 and younger August 2012, I informed my lawyer who informed the CSA, what i want to know if i hadnt unearthed this information how long would i have been decieved , why did the Csa still continue to pursue me for money for which i wasnt liable for. Csa phoned me just said maintenance wasnt neccessary any more. The money grabber now has to reimburse me now but i feel she should be prosecuted for theft. Im a happy guy now and can get on with my life, hope this gives hope for other people trapped in this quagmire.

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