CSA doesn’t bother chasing fathers who don’t pay

October 13, 2011

In my opinion the CSA only chase the fathers who actually pay. They are not there to chase the fathers who don’t give a crap. My hubby has always been involved in his sons life for the whole 14 years. We have paid stupid amounts to court for our access and a court order is not worth the paper it is written on. I have 2 children by a previous partner and what an absolute waster he is. My kids get no birthday card never mind a birthday or xmas present or holiday. I have chased and chased the csa as I believe he should contribute to my 2. If he was contributing in their lives such as holidays and birthday, xmas presents and actually wanted access then I would have no problem but why should he get away with it all? I didn’t get a payment from November until April and that was through the csa. Yet my hubby, who has always paid was hounded. We were told we owed £1000 when it turned out she actually owed us! My hubbys ex is a scabby bitch and uses her kid for our money. Why should I have to pay her money out of my own pocket when I know it doesn’t go on the kid, plus we spend exactly the same on him as the other 2.

My hubby quit his job and I was the worker for a while. We were much better off with me working because of all the money she was getting which is wrong. She got the csa onto me and I had a letter to say I had to send my pay slips in so they can see how much I was earning. Luckily I wasn’t earning enough to have to pay her but I mean come on, that is just not right.

Now, he is doing temporary work for 3 weeks so I wanted to ask, does he have to pay her if he only works the 3 weeks? We are struggling ourselves and as it is xmas coming up soon we needed a bit more cash and we certainly can not afford to pay her what the csa would suggest. We worked out to give her £75 for 3 weeks which also makes me sick as my payments from my ex are never on time and I am supposed to get £7 per week each for my 2. He works for his brother and fiddles and I know that for a fact. I wouldn’t mind so much if they tackled the ones who chose to have no involement with their kids and also if the whole system was fair. It is far from fair.


  • sarah briers says:

    Your not alone were in a very simular situation they have taken more than most of our money my husband now has serious health problems caused by stress but still tries to work even though they keep taking money

  • John says:

    I have been screwed for £35,000 over 11 years.

    There is still £3.7 billion that remains uncollected. There are people under-paying, people over-paying and others not paying at all.

    It is a closed shop of compliancy and they go after the easy targets ALL OF THE TIME, because it’s too hard to chase those who don’t pay!

    I want to provide for the children who live with their mother., but it has NOTHING to do with a civil servant or a politician. I have been forced to included in a system that is not the best option for me. That is discrimination!

    I have NOT EVER been given an opportunity to have any dialogue with their mother regarding maintenance.

    The system is a shambles. The employees are a shambles and this NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE SHAMBLES has to be closed down ASAP!

    I urge all it’s victime to write to Duncan-Smith at the DWP!

  • KMcQ80 says:

    John says:-
    “There is still £3.7 billion that remains uncollected. There are people under-paying, people over-paying and others not paying at all.”

    I’m,like many on this forum, one of the over payers.
    The CSA is a shambles but in the present economic climate I can’t see any help in the foreseeable future for over-payers.
    The CSA just don’t have the decency to reply to such letters.
    Vile scum.

  • Ashes says:

    I feel for all the decent fathers out there having to pay an arm and a leg. It’s wrong how the system works and it stinks. Something has got to be done.

    I agree, I can’t see any help for the overpayers. Shame they don’t go for the fathers in hiding. Then again, why would they want to make their job a job when it’s too easy for them to chase the poor paying hard working fathers?!

    You can see why most of us women get a bad name. Because of all the greedy scabby women out there. We asked my hubbys ex to arange the money between ourselves and pay her £25 per week, she wasn’t happy with that and said she’s going through the csa. When we looked into it, it turns out she’ll only get one week at £25 and it wont get backdated. We would have paid her £75 for the 3 weeks had she not been greedy. Now she can go get stuffed.

    Good luck to all the decent fathers out there.

  • Terry Scott says:

    I would say get your MP involved but you what EVERY MP is involved. Your MP together with all sides of the Houses of Parliament have for years colluded.

    I wish everyone would or could join forces and really protest or at least make life difficult for your MP. They are not listening nor care about how the CSA operate.

    If you anyone reads how Gingerbread website describes the hardship felt by single mothers!. Hey what about single fathers? Not one mention.

    I say please all join forces and harass your MP. Also can you believe it..MPs want a 11% payrise!! And they conned us all for fuel heating payments.


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