CSA doesn’t believe my wages and statements

December 22, 2012

I have paid for my kids since they were born. I gave one cash and the other I lived with unti 2008. Then in 2008 hell was let loose.

Both mothers have decided that they wanted to go through enforcement order to deduct money from my wages 40% of my net. This happened until 2009 when one mother wanted maintenance direct, also been fighting with CSA stating that I am term time paid in education and for 3 months of the year not paid. CSA didn’t listen, ‘you owe’ is their cry.

Then in march this year you haven’t paid for one of your kids for 4 years, maintenance direct mother. Letters, phone calls you name it I done all they asked your payment is fine.

Then august this year you owe £5300 again maintenance direct mother and enforcement mother saying it isn’t enough. Had to get four years bank statements to prove as well as wages to prove I paid enforecement order.

November this year you owe £2700, apparently CSA said I paid £6300 through enforcement order and £2100is owed to maintenance direct mother.

On phone again, wages sent letter to CSA showing I have paid £7384 through enforcement and further bank statements to prove I have paidanother £1750 to maintenance direct. They don;t belive my wages and statements. So I have all this proof in black and white and I am being victimised as well as discriminated against.

Do I have any rights? Surley with all my bank statements and enforcement order I do, as well as not taking into account my 3 months of non pay.

I just want to end it all! Not a cry for help, but the truth. What is the point of going on?Any help against these vultures would be appreciated.


  • Foreverskint says:

    Contact your MP, send him a detailed e-mail containing all the dates and figures. The MP is duty bound to pass it on to the CSA, and at least the MP is in the loop.

    Do the same to Iain Duncan Smith, minister in charge of DWP.

    Seek legal advice, cos this sounds like corporate theft / fraud on their behalf as they’re making money out of you after providing bank statements etc to prove payments…. So they’re saying the banks are part of the conspiracy?

    Ask, under the Data Protection Act for a copy of everything they hold regarding you and your case. But get a solicitor with knowledge of the CSA .

    Hope this helps and all the very best.

  • chall says:

    Quote George; I am term time paid in education and for 3 months of the year not paid.

    Did the CSA calculate your salary over a year and divide it by 12 to give a monthly income amount?

    You state 40% of your wages were being deducted. On current rules the CSA calculate 15% for 1 child, 20% for 2 children & 25% for 3 or more. Does the 40% you refer to, include the arrears that built up for 4 years on the maintenance direct case?

    As far as I’m aware, the CSA can not collect arrears whilst a case was set as maintenance direct. They can however start accruing arrears from when a PWC contacts them and asks them to stop maintenance direct and change to CSA collection.


  • Alice says:

    A case will be made maintenance direct only if both NRP and PWC contact the agency to advise that they wish the case to be made MD. If a case is MD the agency cannot collect any arrears for non-payment during that time. If a case is not MD and the NRP makes direct payments to the PWC and the PWC does not confirm that they have received these payments AND that they are in lieu of Child Maintenance the agency will collect payment for arrears from the NRP. If the NRP is able to provide proof that they have paid the PWC direct and these payments were in lieu of CM in the form of a receipt stating date, amount paid, payment for Child Maintenance and signed by the PWC the agency can make a decision that the payments were for CM and can adjust the amounts owed on the case. If the NRP is unable to provide proof (receipts) they can submit evidence such as bank statements, over-the-counter payment receipts etc for consideration by the agency, there is no guarantee that the agency will accept that these payments are in respect of CM, if however the payments are for a regular amount, are in line with the MC in place at the time etc this will go in the NRPs favour.

    A CM calculation is based on the income of the NRP and will be based on evidence provided (payslips or wages enquiry form completed by NRP employer), the agency will take the information supplied and calculate an average weekly income and base the MC on this. If the NRP is paid on a term time basis they should inform the CSA of this, the agency can then work the calculation based on the annual income divided by 52 to give an average weekly income, or the NPR can request a re-assessment at the point that they are not in receipt of income. If the agency have not been advised that the NRP will not receive the salary will not be ongoing (ie term time only) they will assume that the NRP continues to be paid ongoing on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Cases are not re-assessed unless the agency are informed of a CoC by either the NRP, PWc or a 3rd party.

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