CSA does nothing to chase deadbeat dads

August 12, 2012

I after nine years of dealing with agency am disgusted. Nrp has never had contact with his son and gone on produced more and abandoned those without child support.

Agency is not doing change of circumstances in time. Ignoring all written complaints. I have had no support for seven months they have all nrp details employer, bank account I was women who pushed alongside babies for justice to revoke licences and passports.

Yet agency fails to do anything the debt is now in further debt myself I have begged them to write to me stating they failed but they will not.This will enable me to take it to a civil court i will ensure the baliffs are used.

Dead beat non paying parents should be imprisoned no ifs, buts, maybes. Its disgusting to produce children and not support them!

The child starvation agency does nothing to enforce child support and you are not allowed to use the courts so 3whqat do you do?


  • Anon says:

    Csa never listen until an MP is involved so ive noticed myself. I complained since october 2011 every week without fail – ran up a heck of a mobile bill on 0845 number not to mention. As soon as i went to my MP they treat it “serious” and i would get contacted in 10 days with the outcome and the sum owed to myself. 4 weeks later still no outcome but apparently ive to get compensation due to this – believe it when i see it. Mobile charges, bank charges, in debt the lot all because of a deadbeat dad and csa not doing what they promised. Im giving csa one more week that will be 10 months almost 11 months of hell and ive had enough with my childs father and csa. my next step will be going to parliamentary ombudsman. Im the one still doing all the chasing and phone calls!!

  • brett says:

    Don’t give up ladies. Its because of these deadbeat fathers, that fathers like me who are paying, get stitched up with with paying a lot more than we should including ficticious arrears.

  • Terry norris says:

    Totally agree with Brett
    These deadbeat fathers who go out of their way to avoid paying only encourages this unfair,unjust and totally useless organisation go after and hound hard working honest fathers like us guys.
    On another note though….the csa DO NOT care about the welfare of the children….only the treasury…it’s proved it time and time again with its cock-ups and don’t care attitude…and like I said so many times before on here…..how can a organisation be allowed to force the sale of a NRP’s home thus making it even more difficult or even impossible for that parent to see his child.. The csa is a f**** ing joke and just robs hard working honest dads blind and let’s the deadbeats get away because it’s easier to just rob more from us to make up the loss

  • Carol says:

    The CSA are a joke!

    Get your MP involved and the complaint will be taken more seriously, quite bad that you have to do that but you do.

    The CSA have created problems through their own maladministration.

  • karen bedford says:

    Problem is people work the system and the system then works for them.

    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for free advice and support, good luck.

  • Simon mills says:

    Csa are a joke wrap deadbeats parents up in cotton wool and bubble wrap been a single full time dad for 7 years and the deadbeat mother has not paid anything and csa fobb you off every time i ring there must be something i can do to kick csa jokers in to touch there should be a law to punish a deadbeat parent and there should be a law to punsh csa for causing genuine parents heartache and suffering

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