CSA does nothing and they expect to pay them?

January 20, 2011

The CSA are useless. For 12 years I recieved nothing from my ex husband, not a single penny, despite me writing to them telling them exactly where he was working and living. They sent me a letter every 6 months telling me I was owed £0.00. Now they expect us to pay for that? Apparently people who recieve benefits will only have to pay £50, but that’s still alot of money and quite a hefty gamble.

They also say that if domestic violence is involved then the service is free. I like the sentiment but it throws up a whole load of other problems. Domestic violence is not just physical abuse, and who has to prove or disprove that it has occured? I know from previous experience that proving domestic violence is not as easy as it would seem.

It;s just a very bad idea. If CSA were good at their job, if they weren’t so useless then it wouldn’t be so bad, but who wants to pay for something that just doesn’t work? In 1999 I wouldn’t have been able to pay £50. I only got £71.10 a week for me and my child. It is going to trap more people, male and female, in unhappy marriages and relationships, and throw more single parents into poverty with their children.

If they really want to encourage people to have happy marriagesd then they should be educating our children on the issue, not punishing them financially. They should also stop demonising those of us who wouldn’t settle for unhappiness and abuse in all it’s forms. I’m a good mum, my kids are great kids, not the future criminals people like IDS tell everyone they are. The life they have now is far better than the one filled with arguments and hostility they had before.


  • brokenfather says:

    Why should the tax payer fund a free service for a dispute that is nothing to do with them?

    CM is for parents to resolve, and the Government should keep their noses out of it.

    If parents cant agree they they should be made to apply to the courts to resolve, without either party getting legal aid.

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