CSA dismissed their own findings

June 28, 2015

Having contacted the csa about the birth of my son they eventually after 19 weeks gave me a £2 deduction & a £867 arrears bill & they where going to take an extra £87 a week on top of my regular maintenance payments starting from a week after initial letter was sent to me.I couldnt understand where these arrears had come from as my payments are made buy a deductions of earnings(took straight from my wages).After ringing csa bolton up on numerous occasions & being told different information every time i rang i asked to speak to a manager.

The manager then told me i was called once and because i didnt answer they finalized the case,i told the manager that financially i couldnt pay that amount i was told if i didnt like it i had to go down complaints appeal.I complained & numerous phone calls again finally got a case worker to look into the arrears the csa claim i owe them,i finally recieved a breakdown of how the csa claim i owed arrears they had the incorrect information dating back to 2007 when i was off work,i informed the case worker i had a breakdown letter from a previous re-assesment in 2009 with the correct breakdown assesment showing the correct times i was off work,i asked the case worker if i could send it into her as it was proof i didnt owe them money she said “no”.

The case worker re-assesed without taking into account the breakdown letter from 2009 she said i now owed them £707 since then i have now recieved another letter saying i owe csa arrears of £987 having made numerous more phone calls only to be told misleading information i have asked to take my complaint further, after waiting for a letter with jim edwards contact details(as csa wouldnt give me over phone).As the letter never came i was then told to write a letter & put jim edwards name on top & send to csa bolton.i carnt understand why they didnt want the csa breakdown letter from 2009 proving I DONT OWE THEM A PENNY!!


  • eve32 says:

    Sounds ridiculous to me. Make an appointment with your MP and bring your evidence with you.

    Trying to raise a complaint is like mission impossible. I find that I am constantly told different information, and the staff don’t seem to know their own policies and procedures. Hope you get this sorted.

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