CSA dishonesty and ineptitude

November 25, 2010

I have a case with the CSA dating back to 2002.

I used to pay my ex-wife £650pcm (proven), she then went to the CSA and was awarded £5.60 per week, she came back to me asking for the £650pcm. I cut that to £300pcm but still gave my daughters extra on the side.

Now after arguing with the CSA and despite the fact they have my bank statements etc… (signed for on Sept 24th 2009 at 08:42am) they have removed monies from my account, leaving me short to pay my rent. Money was withdrawn on Sept 30th, Only today 8th OCT have they informed me of this! At no time was a means test carried out, no written information was sent, by their own recorded admission and I have no route for complaint as Ms Debbie Stark refuses to discuss my case. Now this is the way a guy who looks after his daughters and did until July this yr even though they are now 19 &24 yrs old, is treated. The CSA took the word, without proof, of the embittered woman I divorced at face value, then lost my statements and lied to the courts. I do have the right to appeal, however, after the changes in the law regarding legal aid, the costs are far beyond the normal persons reach. This is what is called fair!

Any one woman can make a false claim and the man involved must prove himself to be innocent, unless they LOSE the evidence, as in this case. Equality….YES PLEASE!!!!


  • GB says:

    Never Never Never give the CSA your bank details!!!!!!

    You have offered this info to the clowns by sending them your bank statements!
    which thereafter they have Robbed!!

    Pay by BACs Post office via a third party payment etc-never by direct debit
    You must always be of control of your payments not them-stuff there prefered payment method!-which is all lies to get them in the driving seat!

    The CSA can only work out CM based on your income-just send them a copy of your tax return-nothing else!!!!!!!
    Never offer any information other than that-they have no right to anything other than that at all- despite the crap they come out with!

  • Gary says:

    CSA just needs closing, I think a human rights issue is somewhere in here and would love to know if it has been challenged in the european court. How they can be above the law?

    I understand there are non resident parents who don’t pay but CSA target the ones that are easy targets to try and prove they do a good job. Anybody who comes on here and thinks CSA are good are clueless to the tactics and unfairness that exists in the agency.

    I would be treated fairer if I was a mass murderer!

  • MM says:

    I just opened another account for it, the only money that comes out of it is the CSA money and thats all thats in there.

  • Jim Rigley says:

    The did similar to me, took ex's word Id had a huge payrise, they still refuse to reduce payments despite a judge ordering them to!CSA + VAGINA = Give you the worldCSA + PENIS = DESTROY YOUR WORLD!

  • Jim Rigley says:

    Scratch that, they sh*t on us all to be honest. If all the men and women who have suffered at the hands of the CSA focused we could bring them down!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    How did they come to take money directly from your account? Did they get a Liability Order against you? Did you defend it in Court?They can not take money directly from your account without a Liability Order. If they did, then that is theft and go straight to the Police. If they do have a Liability Order, then then can do what they like, with Court approval. But you can appeal against it and demand the money back by showing you have already paid her. BE WARNED EVERYONE! Make sure that you DEFEND any application by the CSA/CMEC to get a Liability Order. Transfer the case to your local Court and defend it!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    And, go see your MP.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I remember CSA attempting to ask me my bank details …. get this!!! as a security question????? I'v never given them my bank details… I told them this and asked them how they dared to have such audacity to ask questions about my bank account!!!!I ordered them to ask another question for security as I had no intention of providing my personal banking details…. Cheeky arrogant TW@Ts!!!!!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    I was asked by the CSA yesterday to answer what my job was as a security question. I said I don't have one to which he replied he would have to ask me another question!!! The computer says you work, D'oh!!!The CSA have decided to re enter my life so due to the way I currently live and applying the letter of the law, I'm going to get about 30-40 reassessments done a year…nowt to do with the money, purely out of principle. They are going to pay for their interference in my affairs!I can't wait to move abroad and get my case shut down once and for all.Lee

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