CSA didn’t know why my money stopped

May 23, 2012

I have been divorced from my ex husband for 10 years now. I got the CSA involved in 2007 due to that he wasn’t allowed near myself and the two children, through a court order. Everything was going fine with the CSA until last May (2011) when I received a letter out of the blue telling me that as of that month I would not be receiving any CSA money from my ex.

No explanation, nothing, no warning and no help.

When I phoned them to ask them why? they just said due to my ex’s circumstances my money will stop, from going from £300 a month to £0. From then on I kept a diary and phoned up every 2 weeks spoke to different people, promising me different things but no-one delivering what myself and my children need – money to survive! Last August they finally told me that he his claiming benefits and they would take the money from that £5 every two weeks – which didin’t go very far at all and the debts were growing and so were my children.

December last year the benefits stopped and the CSA didnt know why? by this time I had reported him to the Benefit fraud squad and the Inland revenue, as I was told he was claiming benefits whilst working. The CSA told me in Feb 2012 I was told by the agency that he had got a job in the middle of January, the person I spoke to said that he will ring whilst i was on the phone and see if he can continue paying for his children, Because my ex said no he hasn’t got no money and his new wife is “keeping” him the CSA believed him!

I later found out that he has opened his own shop and has done since the middle of January! I gave the CSA all the information about where he works, the website address, telephone number, the hours he works and the facebook page of where he advertises. I spoke to someone else at the CSA at the beginning of April, they told me he has until the end of april to get 3 months accounts in. He has recently admitted to myself through a letter that he has got his own shop, but the CSA are not doing anything about it, I am the one doing all the leg work.

I have been on the phone to them today again to see if he has sent in the accounts but the computer says No! I did ask what happens next and all I got told was that they will ring him to find out why? the problem with the CSA they believe what he is telling them. I would be grateful if some one at the CSA would actually go to his work address and see for them selves and demand that he pays for his children, instead of just saying to my ex ok, we will give you another couple of weeks. The best thing is I don’t get any money back dated, they have told me that he is only in arrears by £80, when its been a year since I had the amount i used to have.

I am a working mum who is doing her best to keep her and the childrens head above the water, whilst he is living in the lap of luxury and the CSA not helping to get the money my children so rightly deserve!


  • Alice says:

    If your ex is on benefits like my ex is then it is £5.00 per week.If he isnt declaring an income and has no money to his name then he wont pay a penny(I think).I was getting £40 .00 through a private agreement each week,suddenly it stops and he goes to the usa to live(he got married there as well).Suddenly i have gone from £160 per month to nothing,cleared pensions and insurances (half should have been mine ).came back from the usa last october after 4 years,sent him to CSA and i am now awaiting my £5.00 a week(now £100 in arrears).His son wants nothing to do with him so when this money hits my account i am going to give it back to my ex and close the CSA .(my son is in agreement with me ) .If your money went down from £300.00 to £0 in a week,then i really feel for you ,it is hard to budget suddenly with nothing to work on.

  • Bitch hater says:

    Tough shit! I hate women and your all guilty of cheating and thieving. Leave us alone. We are not paying for your smoking and drinkin habits bitch!

  • Alice says:

    Wow Bitch hater,something or someone has really upset you. I am a PWC and the wife of a NRP.My sons father does not pay a penny ,yet my husband pays every month for his own daughter.I dont like the CSA they dont go by one rule,each case be it PWC or NRP is not usually a fair judgement.I have been with the CSA for over 20 years and it has never got better,They take tax credits from the NRP and give it to the PWC who is usually getting these benefits herself.If the PWC gets married they dont take into account the extra money coming in from the new partner.So yes in some cases I can see were your coming from.On the other hand the PWC is looking after the children and need the NRP to pay something.I dont know why a mother on benefits keeps the extra money,the CSA should put it back in the benefit system.A father should pay for his children but there has to be a fairer system,AND if a PWC does not let the NRP see the child for spite then no maintenance should be paid.Full Stop.

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