CSA destroys families

October 11, 2011

Where is it written in ANY part of the Child Support Act that if a MAN was ENTRAPPED into being a FATHER,when the Mother told him “I’m on the pill and won’t claim CSA if I’m caught pregnant” then moves away from Gloucestershire to KEMERTON some FORTY MILES away so if I had done a DNA and paid CSA I would never be able to see my Daughter if I WANTED TO KNOW ;or see her.

He ought to pay ;or see his child. I am now being harassed by members of my family, my Daughters’ family and treated like an escaped PAEDOPHILE.

Each family knows I had very difficult circumstances and they “feel” that by me seeing my Daughter would “help me” NO ONE HAS ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO SEE HER,THEY ASSUMED I WOULD. I do not feel I ought to be OBLIGED to bend over backwards to speak to them ;or her knowing that I was reported to the D.W.P. for allegingly receiving money for doing unpaid voluntary work, reported “Missing” to the Police from over SIX MILES away, having my email accounts used to open up my Facebook account, threatened by a relative to do a DNA even though he has THREE KIDS and not paying for ONE OF THEM and finally be threatened by the Step-Father with “You hurt my Daughter, I’ll hurt you, my son will hurt you and my friends will hurt you” WHO THE PHUCK LETS PEOPLE LIKE THIS GET AWAY WITH IT? I also noticed that any messages I sent to my Daughter was COPIED AND PASTED by the Mother to use as evidence against me where I feel suicidal caused by THEM adding on more stress.It seems wherever I go, whatever I do ;or whoever I speak to now I am being bloody watched like a prisoner in a cell again.

They don’t relaise that I to ohave rights not to speak ;or see my daughter if i don’t wish to and surely if any man is being entrapped by a lying woman then he ought to have rights to say NO to paying C.S.A. and rights to walk away from his child if he so wishes to. There are no such laws where men ought to be made Fathers when they are victims of ENTRAPMENT.

Entrapment is a criminal offence, even the police are not allowed to use entrapment tactics.Why should I care ;or bother with a child I did not want and paying C.S.A. for her too. MY FAMILY AND MY DAUGHTERS FAMILY ARE MAKING MY LIFE A LIVING HELL ALL OVER AGAIN. I HATE EVERYONE OF THEM including my own MOTHER !



    Has the C.S.A. been told of recent developments regarding my case ;or they simply don’t give a damn because I’m a man. Following from my last message on here, Christmas was a real blast for me. My Eldest sister passes away on 15 December 2011, my front room window was smashed apparently by my Daughter’s family because I apparently “pissed her off” because I was with my partner and despite saying “Hi” to my Daughter and her friends in K.F.C. (Cheltenham) this caused my windows to be smashed in on 20 December 2011 as one of my relatives smashed my front door glass and made threats outside my home which according to the GLOUCESTERSHIRE POLICE he “handed himself in” knowing full well THEY LIED. My Social housing landlords are preventing me from moving out despite such threats on and off FACEBOOK including my personal mail being stolen and I am left to wonder as to what rights do i have in my own home. My possessions have been packed away since 2005 and it seems embarrassing to live in my own bedroom despite being FORTY EIGHT years of age. Since when has the other parent had any legal right to ask personal questions about who I see, where I go to, what I do and especially obtain access to MY MAIL ! It seems that I am not even allowed to read my own mail despite the fact we don’t live together. My “Daughter” reported me “missing” from SIX MILES AWAY from where I live and yet don’t realize why I won’t see her. Maybe it is because of the hostile CRAP I’ve faced since I done the DNA and HER FAMILY think they OWN ME ! Who the hell do they think they are and why hasn’t the C.S.A. done anything about it. If I harassed anyone until they considered suicide, then I am quite sure the C.S.A. would stop their payments and tell the Police to get me moved out of my present home which is a target for threats to my life. It proves a point. The C.S.A. only care if I was a WOMAN ! thank YOU C.S.A. FOR PROTECTING MY RIGHTS TOO. this WOULD STAND YOU ALL IN GOOD STEAD WHEN MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC READ THIS BARBARIC WITCH HUNT VIA MY OWN FAMILY AND THAT OF MY DAUGHTER’S FAMILY TOO. iT IS NICE TO KNOW THAT YOU THINK MORE OF DEDUCTING £5.00 PER WEEK OUT OF MY incapacity benefit BUT ALLOW ME TO SUFFER MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ASSAULTS. what THREATS HAVE i MADE TOWARDS MY FAMILY, MY daughter ;OR HER FAMILY AND NOT BEEN PROSECUTED FOR DOING SUCH.. NONE !

    men are allowed to suffer mental and physical assaults and it appears to be aceceptable according to the ECHR TORTURE !

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