CSA denies what they told us on the phone

June 19, 2012

My partner has been dealing with the CSA for years paying for a daughter his ex won’t allow him to see. He was made to sell his home to pay so called arrears that the csacould not provide evidence of. He payed the ‘arrears’ in full and then discovered he had a DOE on his salary.

When he asked why he was told he was in arrears even tho he had just paid amount requested .. An amount of £27,000. He found himself on the poverty line as they were taken over 50% of his salary.

Bearing in mind the CSArule book says they are not allowed to make you sell the home you live in or take more than 40% of your salary. Ultimately he could not afford to travel to work and lost his job so that really helps the unemployment figures not to mention he now does not have any assets to leave his daughter I’m sure that is in the interest of the child NOT… He now suffers from severe depression anxiety and general ill health. We have spoken to the CSA on many occasions asking them for information to be sent out. We have written to themand emailed them.

This information has never arrived.

They have denied many points we have put to to them saying they didn’t say certain things when I have heard them say it with my own ears. My partner found a part time job some time later and struggling to feed himself but once again they have slapped a DOE order on his salary taking almost half so once again he cannot afford to travel to work and once again will be unemployed ..



  • Gary Wright says:


    Yes a sad story of how honest people are HOUNDED by the c.s.a for every mortal penny they can get out of any one case,and more than likely every penny you paid went to the secratary of state rather than for the child.
    As for the c.s.a changing their tune about what was said on the phone yes that sounds like them and its us that should record the telephone conversations for training purposes not them.
    I noticed that you also have the fabricated arrears that just appeared out of no where and like everyone else have no choise but to pay them as they are connected to a liability order or detachement of earnings before you are aware that they even exist.
    I have always stated that the c.s.a are basically fixing everyones file,it written all over everybodies case people would have to be blind not to see it.

    Take arrears for instance,where else in the country can you run an arrears bill up of thousands of pounds without being notified that you were in arrears “NO WHERE” in the real world they would be all over you like a rash wanting their money back.

    Take you were notified for instance,in the real world you had arrears of this level letters demanding this money back would be coming through your door that fast you would think the post man was on comission YET with the c.s.a we are always told YOU WERE NOTIFIED yet no one has any paper work to prove it.

    Take liability orders, in the real world if you owed money to a creditor a liability order would be the LAST OPTION after they had exhausted evey other method of repayment,with the c.s.a a liability order is always the FIRST OPTION.

    The fact that the C.S.A are FIXING YOUR FILES doesn’t get any plainer than this and the only way it will ever change is when the rest of the country learns of the fradulent activities of the c.s.a through all the file fixing that goes on.
    If you were caught fixing the out come of football matches or any other sporting event where money was involved you would go to prison,so if it ever got out that the c.s.a are fixing the out come of peoples cases where liability orders or detachement of earnings have been granted through the out come having been fixed they to would be on their way to prison also

    Sadly though until the wider public become aware of the situation the c.s.a will continue to fix peoples cases as its a well known fact that people never give things like cancer or any other illness or even the c.s.a another thought until such a time as they themselves become a victom by then its to late.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    The golden rule when dealing with the CSA is:-

    NEVER, ever deal with them by telephone. I speak from experience.
    They denied what they have said earlier; they contradict each other; you never get to speak to the same person twice; many have no idea what they are talking about.

    Always deal by post.
    Always reply and keep a copy of your reply.
    Keep all correspondence in date order until the child is at least 25.

  • brett says:

    Gary, what you say is 100% correct. Everyone reading KMcQ80 advice please follow it. Like him I’m speaking from experience. In the past as soon as the CSA rang and left a message, I’d panic and ring them back straight away. BIG BIG mistake. Deal only by letter and send recorded delivery.

  • Carol says:

    Isn’t it a shambles. It is not until you are involved with them you realise how bad it actually is.

    I’ve had the same thing being told one thing on the phone, then meeting with the people and it’s denied point blank! WHy? Total corruption and it goes to the highest levels.

    Files made up, yes we also have that and evidence as they posted letters to our house which we moved to in 2011 but the mail on the file was dated 2009!! Amazing the powers of the CSA really!! (We never had any previous link to this house whatsoever).

    You wouldn’t believe a Government Department can act in such a way. It is nothing short of disgusting.

    I agree with the other advice you have been given. Don’t speak with them on the phone. Write to them and let them know you no longer want telephone calls from the Agency and want everything to be in writing.

  • Carol says:

    Have you requested a copy of your file? You can get this from the DPU unit for a charge of £10. You will get everything and it has to be sent to you within 40 working days. It was the best £10 we spent trying to sort out my partner’s case.

    Lodge a formal letter of complaint and get your MP involved. Although the MP can only take it so far it will give you a direct person to deal with and telephone number to contact.

    You will probably find alot of errors as we did. Maintenance assessments in place when they shouldn’t be. Incorrect addresses. Wrong income details.

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