CSA demands money for dead, disabled son

March 21, 2013

I sent the CSA my payslips after a pay rise 3 years ago. I pay by direct debit so they can alter the amount taken easily. within a week of sending my payslips in they were returned with a compliment slip. my payment was never increased but as i had supplied the information i assumed my contributions were correct. just before christmas last year my son who was disabled and unwell could not recover from surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital, he spent a month in intensive care but we hit a wall, they couldn’t save him.

He passed away in a side room with myself my now partner and all the ex-wifes family with him. At the end of january I recieved a phone call from the CSA opening with sorry to hear about your loss, however we now need to close your account, you owe £2103.00……. I was knocked to the floor, i had just started to deal with my loss just getting to grips with life again, now this. I eventually sat down and wrote to the CSA, I cried as i wrote it as i shake now typing this.

What do I do I have to pay this, its not my fault, my son wont benefit from my payments anymore, Its crazy what will happen to my money? please help me.


  • Alice says:

    I thought I did answer the question by stating that if the PWC states that they do not wish the arrears to be collected the NRP would be advised that the arrears are not to be collected at this point but may be collected at a later date

    The agency will collect the arrears on any case unless the PWC states that they do not wish the money to be collected.

  • stuart says:

    Yes Alice but the CSA do not inform the NRP do they why is that?

    You have not answered it, On discovering arrears why do the CSA not give this as an option to the NRP?

    They have to find out for themselves do they not? Where do the CSA publicise this fact?

  • stuart says:

    If told this the NRP and PWC could arrange a mutual agreement however by keeping it quiet you place NRP’s in debt.

  • stuart says:

    In fact Alice your answer proves everything I have said to any person who looks at this.

    Avoidance is a poor trait when dealing with peoples lives. Read and understand the question asked of you and answer honestly the actual questions. Not a standard CSA response that answers something different.

    You could improve your credibility no end IF you could do this but alas it is not forthcoming.

    I will let the forum users be the judges.

  • Alice says:

    I don’t see what you are getting at Stuart. The agency will take their instruction on collecting or not collecting arrears owed to the PWC from the PWC. If the PWC wishes for the agency to collect the arrears on their behalf the agency will inform the NRP that this is what the PWC wants, if the PWC states that they do not want the arrears collected the agency will inform the NRP that the PWC does not want the arrears collected. If the PWC states they do not want the arrears collected the arrears will be suspended and both parties will be advised that the PWC reserves the right to request these to be collected at a later date – in the letters sent to NRP and PWC both are informed that the arrears may be collected at a later date if this is requested.

  • stuart says:

    Gods Name Alice,

    You do not tell the NRP on discovering arrears that they do not have to be collected if the PWC agrees, Do You?

    What is so hard to fathom from this? Stop the CSA speak and answer that.

    Simple simple for anyone to understand and as previously stated you will not answer it.

    Thats what Im getting at. Why would you not tell someone who’s life is about to be ruined, It does not have to be?

    Quiet a big thing to withold do you not agree?.

    Simple enough now?

  • Alice says:

    Prior to contacting the NRP the agency would have, in most cases, have been in contact with the PWC and ascertained that the PWC wishes the agency to collect or not collect the arrears. As such, if the PWC wishes the agency to collect the arrears on their behalf then the agency must comply with the PWC’s wishes.

    Clients will have been advised at the start of the case of the various options available to them regarding payments so they will be already be aware that they can come to a private agreement.

  • stuart says:

    Liar Liar Liar Alice,

    Answer the Question not skirt around it.

    Reason why you do not answer is you are aware I am right and put your mob in a bad light. its a straight yes or no.

    You do not inform The NRP do you. Unless they mention it.

    Big thing to cover up.

    Silly game you play and makes you look a right mug to anyone reading this.

  • Alice says:

    seriously Stuart – you are picking words and fitting them to what you want to consider I am saying. I see no point in continuing with this
    The NRP will be asked to pay the arrears via the agency if that is what the PWC wants – no different to regular maintenance

  • stuart says:

    Seriously Alice you have not and will not answer a straightforward question, but I know the answer already.

    You do not provide this as an option to the NRP, Why is that? would save a lot of problems but you do not and will not admit it.

    Says a lot about you, Just a yes you are right would do, but you can not, you have to add CSA nonsense to it. You may advise a PWC but not an NRP interesting why that would be.

    Quite clearly not advising parents of ALL options, just the PWC Parent of them. Fair!!!

  • stuart says:

    When your ready then Alice you may wish to return to this with a yes or no to the question.

  • stuart says:

    Clients will have been advised at the start of the case of the various options available to them regarding payments so they will be already be aware that they can come to a private agreement

    Does that advice contain any information regarding arrears caused by the agency and agreeing a mutual agreement for paying this. If not what context is this information provided by you, and what relevence does it have to my original question you fail to answer.

  • stuart says:

    Will ask again Alice just so this thread does not dissappear and you miss the opportunity to respond.

  • carol says:

    Why inform an NRP that they may not have to pay arrears or if so, in a reasonable timeframe as to what they can afford? (which, is very little ontop of the already crippling payments)

    Why spoil the influx of DEO cash grab….dribs and drabs dont cut it.

    Seems so sad to read a parents plight marred by such evil. Even in death, the CSA are there, who said this country was Christian? What would Jesus say?

  • stuart says:

    Alice missed responding about this again.

    Any good on sport Alice.?

    You have been sussed love and everyone can now see for themselves how you will not answer.

  • Sally says:

    @ Stuart…. Surely you must have realised by now that Alice is brainwashed…. She reminds me of a Stepford wife… She is limited to what she can say because she has been programmed by the CSA…. I find her quite entertaining ow 🙂

    She will NEVER give a realistic response to a real life situations because she has been brainwashed by CSA rules… Lol

  • stuart says:


    But they are not CSA rules!!! she avoids answering because the CSA are at fault, that is not her brief on here to admit that, It uses a false name and e-mail to spout rubbish and shift the blame to NRP’s. The fact she is now outed has caused her a problem. I fully expect a new “Alice” will soon appear and take up the role. Keep an eye out folks this site is monitored and reported back on. I have had a few articles not published on here as they were so damning of the CSA, So have grave suspicion around this site, However when I see people’s posts I know I am not alone and will ensure those who are up to no good get challenged.

    Lets see if this gets published?.

  • lisa says:

    @ Sally

    Are people finally seeing “Alice” for the CSA robot she is???
    Not before time i can tell you
    Well said above by the way

  • Sally says:

    @ Stuart – I have not been on the site for a week or two… when was he/she outed? One of our CSA complainants made a comment that Alice was actually a ‘he’ and a few other bits about him/her but nothing to support it.. Alice continued to give ‘advice’ and ‘guidance’ regardless of how many people contradicted him/her…

    A lot of what she says is the CSA rules but what she doesn’t know she makes up and doesn’t live on the same planet as the rest of us…

    So… how was she outed?? lol there was a ‘chall’ once who provided ‘advice’ and ‘guidance’ but he/she too seems to have been outed and disappeared!!

  • stuart says:

    If you read through the last few threads where she has ignored the Questions and goes on and on about something different instead it is clear to all now what she /it is about.

    In none of her posts does she offer constructive threads just attempts to cloud the issue blaming guidelines and NRP’s for not knowing the rules. Several now are on to her.

    Regards Chall I have seen some decent advice from him so will reserve judgement on that one.

  • lisa says:

    Chall is still here sally, Alice was outed the other night when it appeared she was giving advice to PWC and not both parties, We as people deserve to be treated as equals, unfortunatly the CSA dont see us as such

  • stuart says:

    Sally have commented on the threads we refer to so they go back to the top of the forum.

    Interesting reads.

  • chall says:

    I’ve actually just been a bit busy doing other things…

    Some of the un-necessarily vitriolic and hateful comments that are appearing on here lately are neither constructive or helpful to anybodies dilemma, it’s such a shame!

  • Sally says:

    @ chall…. Are you for real?? You are the very person who bullied individuals on this very site and victimised others when they questioned you further on your response to their problem. You even went so far as to ‘broadcast’ someone’s personal ip adress!!! someone who wanted to remain anonymous!!! And here you are making the statement ”

    “Some of the un-necessarily vitriolic and hateful comments that are appearing on here lately are neither constructive or helpful to anybodies dilemma, it’s such a shame!”

  • chall says:

    Your very acidic Sally!

    Maybe you could be ‘real’ and provide a link to the ‘personal ip adress’ you claim I ‘broadcast’ as I don’t recall such…

  • lisa says:

    The only problem i have on here is “Alice” the troll, spouting her unproffisional advice towards PWC biased and never helps NRP who are desperate and in need of support,

  • chall says:

    As long as CSAHell.com continues to provide advice for either parent regarding the CSA does it really matter which member actually gives it and to who (NRP or PWC), as long as it’s correct?

    None of us have to post on here or anywhere else. The lack of info would ultimately give the CSA carte blanche to do what it does best and render sites such as this redundant.

  • stuart says:

    Yes Chall as long as it is correct I dont care either, then you get people like Alice who does not want to help but instead antagonise and avoid the question. why do people who have nothing of value to add come on here i wonder.

    If they do act this way then they reap what they sow. People in the CSA clutches have had their lives ruined and do not appreciatte someone bored at a keyboard spouting crap. If Alice does not like the abuse there is an easy answer for it, however it enjoys winding up people so continues to frequent these pages.

    Her so called info is readily available can you show me any time she has answered a tricky question honestly. On this thread alone she has avoided and spouted crap but offered no help.

  • chall says:


    Based on CSA legislation and/or procedure (which is something none of us can be held responsible for, but nevertheless are stuck with) in the main Alice does offer correct responses to an individuals position.
    Unfortunately, such info does not always offer a solution to an individuals dilemma.

  • stuart says:


    Be that as it may her sheer avoidance of straightforward questions is laughable even you have to admit that and as you state offers no solution so what is her point other than to promote the CSA and offend people with serious lifechanging issues?.

  • Sally says:

    @ chall… The person you gave personal IP address was Gonk, and unlike you I don’t spend hours and hours copying and pasting comments made by others…. I am sure others who come across your previous statements will find out that you, like Alice, are a wolf in sheepskin clothing….

    You stalked another person called ‘j” because she constantly corrected you and Alice on the information you provided on this website…. You didn’t like it and got very nasty to the point where myself and others (Gonk, carol, Lisa (not sur which one) all told you to stop). You then stopped commenting but it seems your back without your logo of challafairersystemforall… Lol lol lol

    Not all of us have a short memory…

  • chall says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I can’t claim to have read every thread/post on here lately, as I just haven’t had the time.

    If the CSA have followed their rules, and they do need establishing in an effort to prove errors, a solution maybe impossible to provide. In these circumstances, it would seem cruel to try and offer a solution and hope to people when they appear to be in such a situation.

  • chall says:


    Your memory fails you …

    No IP addy was given!

    The rest of your anecdotal claptrap I shall ignore.

  • stuart says:


    If a solution appears impossible why then would someone answer another question? Take a minute and read this thread through, Alice is avoiding the points as it shows the unlevel playing field she is trying to defend it is laughable.

    I will leave you all to make your own minds up but please no-one try and defend this as it is undefendable.

  • carol says:

    quote: chall on March 27th, 2013 9:56 pm

    As long as CSAHell.com continues to provide advice for either parent regarding the CSA does it really matter which member actually gives it and to who (NRP or PWC), as long as it’s correct?

    Yes actually, because when it is found that the advisor is from the CSA, frequenting other sites in favour of the PWC, it becomes a conflict of interest. Alice may give correct advice, but will be more likely to not give ALL of the advice, or distort it ever so slightly, which she has shown to do on here. So Advice that is incorrect, biased against the majority who come to this site for help and relief (therefore are vulnerable to misinformation)

    It is just ridiculous to even try and defend such a stance. Anyone who does, comes into question themselves because it would be seen as bad practice anywhere else (but politics and other corrupt organisations)

  • carol says:

    laymans example

    someone asks me to help them, and tells me they are walking alot with their job, need some good shoes. They also have arthiritis in their fingers…and that they are a traffic warden.

    ooooer dont really like traffic wardens, even though I dont know this one personally…

    So I say sure I can help, give him some dr marten shoes, comfy, sturdy, last ages, and lace ups. Ive given him good shoes.

    Except I didnt give him velcro strap shoes for his arthiritis. Now he cant fasten his shoes, and therefore cannot walk around and ticket innocent people.

    That is how it works with Alice….seems to mean well, but hidden agenda.

  • Lisa says:

    @ Carol
    Well said,

  • stuart says:


    Good comparison there.

    But if it were Alice she would have provided the traffic warden with gloves.!!!!

    Never did understand the question that one.

  • Peter says:

    After having dealings with the CSA (SCUM) staff, I would liken them to Paedophiles, they generate the same hatred in peoples minds, and the hundreds of others I speak to about this evil vile agency

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