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CSA demands money for children that are not mine

My story is quite unique. My ex-wife, in August 2009 told me she wanted a divorce. The following month, she told me the marriage could be saved, but only if I adopted her two children, this I agreed to. The following April she again told me she wanted a divorce, and on 28th December that year, she kicked me out of the house so that she could move her American boyfriend in.

April next year (2001) our divorce was finalised, and she subsequently moved to the USA, with her children, re-married, and lived there till 2007, when, unannounced she returned to the UK, and the first I knew of it was when the csa contacted me and started demanding money. I informed them of al the details, as well as the fact that as part of our divorce settlement, I would not try to contact her children, and she would not try to get maintenance, but to no avail, they bury their heads in the sand and just say, you owe, pay up, irrespective of the facts of the case.

In August this year, they tried to have me jailed for non-payment, even though I told them I should not be charged for children that are not mine, that I have not seen for ten years, and that their mother is quite happily working and earning good wage. To avoid jail, I had to agree, against my better judgement to pay £40.00 per month, agreed by the courts. Only just this week, despite this agreement, the csa have told me they will start taking £144.00 per month from my wages. I will now have to give up my job, as I cannot afford to pay this and keep working.

My life is in ruins because of these callous, uncaring unprofessional people, whilst my ex-wife and her children lead a very good life indeed. I am now looking for a train to throw myself under, this is the last decision I can make that the csa can’t affect.

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  1. Typical of the csa this is shocking if i were you go and speak to someone at citizens advice and speak to your local mp csa have no right to take money of you cause your no the biological father don’t speak to them by phone in future if you have to contact them send by recorded post because they never listen or deny they ever have spoken to you.Have you suggested a dna test to get this sorted out hope this helps you and remember keep your chin up you’ll get this sorted out.

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